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   Chapter 645 The Big Shot

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The strongest leading elder of the Golden Sacred Sect, Webster, advanced towards the Chief Elder, his eyes reflecting pure rage.

"Go to hell!"

Webster howled and proceeded to strike the Chief Elder a thousand times with his almighty fist.

The Chief Elder took a step back, one after the other, dodging the strikes so easily that it put the other's strength to shame. He then raised his hand and called upon the golden plate.

"Do you really think your body cannot be destroyed?" the Chief Elder sneered.

The golden plate in the Chief Elder's hand released golden light again. This time, all the golden light condensed into a saber in his hand.

With speed beyond comparison, the saber slashed its way towards the elder of the Golden Sacred Sect.

"Humph? Too weak! Did you really think that kind of weapon could even land a scratch on me?"

Webster crossed his arms over his head in an attempt to block the attack, which ended up colliding with the golden saber.

The deafening explosion resulted to both of them being thrown into the air, debris filling up the space between them and blinding their sight.


A few moments later, a silhouette emerged from the sky.

He stood in front of the other man with an aura to kill overflowing him. It was the Chief Elder from the Dragon Chasing Sect.

Webster, on the other hand, was severely injured with both of his arms dripping with blood and it took everything in him to muster up the energy to even sit up. He gaped at the former in shock. It was clear that he was still in disbelief to what had happened mere seconds ago.

"No way! That is impossible! Both of us possess ninety percent of Holy Will. How could you so easily destroy my indestructible body?" Webster roared, glaring daggers at the other in front of him while cursing to himself under his breath when his limbs refused to cooperate. Never in a thousand years would he ever imagine himself being in this kind of situation.

Upon seeing the event unfold, the rest of the elders of the Golden Sacred Sect who watched the battle were also shocked. Immediately, they broke out in cold sweat. If Webster died, they would have absolutely no chance of survival against the Chief Elder of the Dragon Chasing Sect.

"Indestructible? Bullshit! What a complete buffoon! Was that the quality that made you think so highly of yourself to the point of birthing arrogance?" barked one of the elders from the Dragon Chasing Sect.

"We initially wanted to spare your lives, but your shamelessness that convinced you to steal our treasures will be your downfall. Forgiveness is no longer an option. Go to hell!"

Now it was the elders of the Dragon Chasing Sect's turn to act arrogant. They had the Chief Elder to back them up, after all. Defeat was no longer siding with them—not when the odds were in their favor.


A blast of light suddenly exploded onto the ground. Webster stood up despite his wobbling legs, presumably demanding a rematch with the Chief Elder.

"If I can break this so-called indestructible body of yours the first time, what makes you think I can't do it the second? Do you really think you can beat me? Are you still willing to put up a fight?" the Chief Elder sneered.

"Even if I die by your filthy hands, I will try whatever I can to hurt you!"

Webster raised his fist and swung it towards the Chief Elder's direction like a shadow once again.

His fist

he mountains constantly.

"What? Don't rush. Stop!" Darren stopped immediately after he heard the sounds. He raised his hand and stopped Hobson before continuing any further.

"What's that sound? Is anything coming?" Hobson turned around to face the direction where the voice had suddenly emerged.

A few moments later, a pale golden light began to cover the horizon.

An eye-catching man walked over to them from the golden hue. The smile he gave when their eyes met could steal hearts.

Their hearts skipped a beat just from looking at him.

The muffled sounds from earlier were produced from the man's steps. A step of his was as far as fifty kilometers. Moments after, he arrived to the crowd.

"Why do you kill people?" the man broke the silence and asked calmly. His aura was full of unrivaled magnificence, frightening everyone present.

"Who are you? How dare you meddle in our business?" The elder who had the lowest cultivation base of the Dragon Chasing Sect gathered his courage to shout. He had come to a conclusion that as long as they had the Chief Elder with them, they could not be defeated in terms of momentum.


The elder was slapped hard in the face.

To everyone's surprise, it was not the man who had appeared out of nowhere, but the Chief Elder had flown over from the other side of the venue and slapped him.

This had made everyone lost for words. They all wondered to themselves who the mysterious man was.

After making sure that elder had understood that he had made a mistake, the Chief Elder quickly flew towards Webster and gently helped him up.

"Ha-ha, are you alright, Webster? I apologize for hurting you when we practiced our skills moments ago. I truly am so sorry!" The face the Chief Elder was making was far from a smile as his own voice had begun to betray him; it was as if he was trying hard not to cry.

Darren and the others stepped back, not being able to piece the puzzles together as to why the Chief Elder had suddenly had a change of heart. They only understood that the man who arrived was peculiar and frightened the Chief Elder terribly.

"Master." The elders of the Golden Sacred Sect stood dumbfounded for a moment before they flew over in realization and gave a salute to the man, half kneeling.

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