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   Chapter 642 Blood Lotus

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After the Chief Elder's words, everyone straightened their back, ears perked up for any attacks.

It wasn't unusual to encounter any powerful creatures here. Moreover, there had also been rumors spreading of a red-haired monster lurking in the Life Forbidden Zone.

Darren himself had spotted a red figure while he was observing the picture presented by Elder Walt.

They probed the place with their spiritual senses for a long time, but they found nothing.

It was like the calm before the storm, and as each minute of silence passed, the more anxious they started to feel. It felt like someone was watching them from a distance.

"Let's keep going. According to the Jade Slip, we can step forward when we reach the land with hills," the Chief Elder said. With that, he flew down into a deep hole. With a bounce, he rushed to the land with hills.

Darren and the others also followed, arriving to the land of the hills a second after the Chief Elder did.

"There's really nothing to be scared about."

"Look! There's something red in the cliff!" an elder shouted, pointing to the direction where he spotted the red hue.

"It's the Holy Will Blood Lotus!" One look at it, the Chief Elder jumped in surprise, blurting out what he had just seen. With not a minute to waste, he flew towards the direction.

The rest of them followed.

As they got closer, Darren could now make out a red lotus the size of a millstone. It was sitting on the cliff, standing steadily against the wind.

The red lotus was made up of hundreds of small petals. Within each petal, one could make out tiny veins that stretched across the color—looking as if blood was flowing through one petal to the next.

"It smells so good." Hobson took a deep breath.

"The Holy Will Blood Lotus is extremely valuable. Chief Elder, please extract it and break through to the Holy Realm at once."

Ivan glanced at the blood lotus, envy pouring into his gaze. What he really wanted to do was to keep it to himself.

"Ignorant boy." The Chief Elder glanced at him indifferently.

"Umm... Why did you say that, Chief Elder?" Elder Queena, who was standing beside the crowd, asked in confusion.

What was wrong with refining this precious treasure? Why was Ivan ignorant for suggesting it?

"It is recorded in the Jade Slip that the Holy Will Blood Lotus grew from a stone stained by the blood of a great martial artist and accumulated after countless years of evolution. Although it contains the Holy Will of the ancient martial artist, his Holy Will may be different from ours—given the length of time it resided here. If we extract it ourselves by force, our bodies might not be able to handle it. We'll die," the Chief Elder explained.

"I see, but doesn't that render the flower useless?"

Walt looked at the beautiful blood lotus, frowning. Such beauty turned out to be useless to them all. It was a shame.

"Bullshit!" The Chief Elder cursed again.

The elders hid their faces from the C


"It's us who found the blood lotus first, and we're here to claim it. You think you can take it from us? I'd like to see you try." Ivan snorted, jeering at them. He took a step forward as if daring them to spar with him.

The other sect burst into laughter. "You think you found it first so it's yours? Are you kidding? Even if you did, if we're going to take it from you, what can you do?" One of them stepped forward. "You want a fight? We'll give you one!"

The elders of the Golden Sacred Sect released their Fringe Holy Will at the same time, which made Darren and Hobson step back. The bright power made them all feel the pressure as the tension surged through each and every one of them.

"Forget it." The Chief Elder interrupted. "There's no need to fight with these bastards. We'll go look somewhere else."

"Chief Elder, no! We can do this. If we retreat now, they'll think of us as cowards," Ivan insisted.

"Yes, he's right, Chief Elder! We will fight them to death!" The others agreed, pretending to be anxious at the sight of the elders before them.

"Silence! We're here for treasure, nothing else. If we all die now, how could our quest continue? We'll both be losing something if we go head-to-head with these bastards. Have you forgotten what I said?" he demanded, like a father lecturing his son.

"Yes, Chief Elder." All of them slumped back, disappointed that they wouldn't be able to go head-to-head with them.

One of the elders of the Golden Sacred Sect snorted. "Old man, you're pretty smart after all.

Let's go and get the treasures together!"

The leader of the group of elders from the Golden Sacred Sect strutted over the blood lotus, feeling as if he had finally won the battle. He glanced over his shoulders with a snotty look. The Dragon Chasing Sect was afraid to face them!

"Get ready to attack and kill!" The Chief Elder sent a message to the crowd, steadying his stance. This would be the fight they were all waiting for.

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