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   Chapter 641 Move On

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"Don't you know him, Elder Ivan?" Hobson asked curiously.

Darren stepped forward and bowed to them. "Thank you for meeting with me, elders. I'm Darren Chu, a new disciple of the Dragon Chasing Sect. When Elder Elliot noticed my talent, he arranged for me to come here."

The elders looked grim when they heard Darren's explanation.

"Elliot! This must be his doing. That bastard. I didn't get even with him the last time he sent trash here. Now, he has sent us another one," Ivan snapped. Killing intent laced his voice.

"Come here so that I can check your cultivation base," Elder Walt said coldly. From their experience, even if a newcomer's talent was high, their strength was unimpressive.


Darren replied as he calmly stepped forward.

Ivan stretched his hand and pressed his palm on Darren's shoulder.

"Activate your strength," Ivan snapped. His expression was grim as if warning Darren that he would be crushed to death if he failed.

It was clear that Ivan couldn't recognize Darren. However, if Darren used the blade and sword intents or dark gold internal force, Ivan would see through Darren's trick.

Fortunately, Darren had more methods through which to show his strength. He could use his demonic internal force and the aura of the dragon blood.

Darren's body began to tremble as a cold cyan breath enveloped his body.

Then the breath turned into a violent wind. Ivan's hand which was pressing on Darren's shoulder, was nearly pushed away.

"Wow, this guy seems very strong."

"Ivan, why did I feel the breath of a dragon just now?" Elder Walt asked.

"Let me check him," the old man with the most powerful aura said flatly.

"Yes, Chief Elder." The other two elders spoke reverently.

The Chief Elder also placed his palm on Darren's shoulder.

This time, Darren activated both his demonic internal force and the aura of the dragon blood in unison. The power released forced the Chief Elder's palm away!

"How dare you?"

The elders behind the Chief Elder glared at Darren as they shouted. But the Chief Elder waved his hand to stop them.

"Ha-ha, you are a promising young man! Now, follow us." The Chief Elder laughed when he sensed Darren's strength.

"Yes, sir." Darren saluted.

As Darren was accepted by the elders of the Dragon Chasing Sect, he reminded himself that the elders' intention for inviting him and Hobson

, he almost hit an elder. The elder shoved Hobson.

Surprised and unable to balance, half of Hobson's foot remained outside the deep pit. As soon as his leg touched the ground, with a sizzling sound, it started to melt!

Seeing the terrible situation, Darren immediately dragged Hobson down.

"You!" Hobson glared at the elder who had pushed him.

"What? You almost bumped into me. Be grateful that I will not punish you for that. Do you have any objections to what I've said?" This man was the weakest from among the elders, but he had comprehended seventy percent of the Fringe Holy Will.

"No, it's not like that. I was too anxious after the accident. I'm sorry, elder," Hobson lowered his head and apologized. But at that moment, Darren's eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Humph!" The elder snorted coldly and ignored Hobson.

"Thank you so much, Darren. You saved me again," Hobson said sincerely.

Darren nodded but remained silent.

When they reached the first deep pit, the Chief Elder, who was in front of them, released another powerful punch. A second deep pit was revealed about a thousand feet away. The group flew over as soon as they found the chasm.

As and when more footprints were revealed, the men continued to fly forward. After over twenty hours, the ground in front of them was no longer flat. Some low purple mountains stood in the distance.


Something flashed by as soon as they stopped.

"Stay alert. Those creatures might be here." The Chief Elder frowned as he released his spiritual sense to probe the area in all directions.

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