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   Chapter 640 Break The Restriction

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Darren unleashed both his spiritual sense and Spirit Power to probe the location where the heart-wrenching howls came. No matter how hard he tried, though, to his disappointment, it was as if all of the men there were dead.

"Heal yourself first, then tell me what happened."

Darren took out some magic herbs and healing pills, and then asked the man to take them.

After waiting there for a few hours, the young man willingly swallowed the magic herbs and pills, and the wounds in his body and face gradually healed.

"Thank you so much!" The instant he felt a little relieved and at ease, the young man cupped his fist and showed his gratitude to Darren.

"You're welcome. Who hurt you?" asked Darren at once.

"I don't know what type of creature it is, but it's so powerful. I just feel like something flashed by, and then, the next thing I know, I was seriously injured. Worst was the one who had stepped into the Life Forbidden Zone before me was dead, and his head had fallen directly on the ground," the young man said with fear.

"By the way, my name is Hobson Qi. What's your name?" asked the young man. He would like to know the name of the one who saved him from grave danger.

"My name is Darren."

By this time, Darren had showed his real face. There was no need for him to hide his identity anymore.

"Nice to meet you, Darren!" Hobson Qi nodded his head in acknowledging Darren and thanking him at the same time.

"Darren, we'd better stay here first!" suggested Hobson. In his mind ran the thought that their oppressors were lurking somewhere, waiting for them to show themselves as prey. Thus he made such a suggestion to Darren.

After considering for a while, Darren nodded slightly and said, "But once we come in here, there is no way out. So, staying here is not a long-term solution."

"I know another way out. Right now, we're on the periphery of the restriction array. Once we find our way towards the center of the array and break it, the elders outside will come in. Then we'll be safe with them," Hobson explained. His hopes were a bit lifted now that Darren was with him. At the very least, he could have someone to rely upon, rather than alone and vulnerable.

Unknown to Darren, Hobson was among the first batch to come to the place. He was ordered to break the center of the array so that the elders waiting outside could enter.

"Where is the center of the array? Why didn't the person who came in first destroy it?" Darren asked in between furrowed brows. Being caught and trapped in a situation like this, he had lots of questions in his mind waiting for concise answers.

"I have a map. It shows the position of the center of the array detected by an expert rule cultivator in the Divine Mountain Sect. The old man sold it to four sects at the same time and earned a lot," Hobson said, took out the map, and handed it to Darren.

"Let's go and find it," Darren voiced out after studying the map for quite a while.

In his determination to vamoose from the place as soon as possible, Darren didn't dare to act rashly. He knew very well that the elders from all sects were mighty, thus if they could come in, that would be a relief for both of them.

At this time, Darren was not afraid of the three elders who had previously at


With that, everyone that was left behind also went in at once.

These cunning old men didn't take action against each other even though they hated every last one of each sect. Because in their level, once they began to fight, they would inevitably be injured or even killed by each other. They would not easily take action until a crucial moment commenced.

The elders of all sects gradually disappeared from the area as their curiosity led them deeper inside the forbidden zone.

"Someone must have destroyed the restriction without using the rune. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get in here."

"Who on earth can break the restriction array?"

"I don't know yet. Let's move quickly. Otherwise, those old dogs get the chance."

The elders of the Dragon Chasing Sect said in their exchange of thoughts.

"Who is this powerful man? Show yourself at once!"

Elder Walt let out a loud shout as he felt someone was approaching.

"Elder, it's me, Hobson," Hobson answered.

Within a short time, two figures came out from the purple mist and walked closer to the group.

"Hobson?" implored one of the elders as if he doubted his eyes.

"Sir, I broke the center of the array in a forcible way. Please punish me," Hobson said, yet with a smug look on his face.

"There is no rune on your body. It's good enough that you were able to open it. There is no need to punish you. But where is your senior brother apprentice?" the Chief Elder of the Dragon Chasing Sect asked.

"Brother has already entered the forbidden zone, and I'm afraid he is on his way to look for opportunities," Hobson responded.

"Humph, that bastard. He brought the rune in but didn't break the restriction. When I find him, I will punish him severely. Hobson, you come with us. If we find good things, we will give you some," invited the elder from the Dragon Chasing Sect.

"Yes, sir!" Hobson said, happiness radiating from his gaunt face.

"Who is this guy?" Elder Ivan asked Hobson at the sight of Darren. All this time, since Darren came out of the purple mist with Hobson, Elder Ivan, who had attacked him earlier, had kept his eyes on Darren—never letting him out of his sight.

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