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   Chapter 639 Getting Into The Forbidden Zone

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 7994

Updated: 2020-02-24 05:33

Everyone turned to the dragon, thinking that it was a powerful creature from the forbidden zone.

"Kill it! Kill it then drink its blood and eat its meat!"

The survivors on the battlefield were unhinged.

A creature this powerful would surely have precious treasures in both its flesh and blood.

Darren gave off an icy aura, olive-black light bouncing off of every scale, his eyes were filled with a killing intent as deep as an abyss.


Darren's dragon body suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, there were more than ten mutilated corpses under his claws.

These people were probably just as strong as him. However, as the battle had made them use up a lot of their strength, Darren could at least exploit the tolls it had had on them by killing ten of them with one attack. That would frighten them enough to think twice about attacking him.

'My demonic internal force and dragon blood aura are being consumed so fast, ' Darren thought to himself.

Darren had only launched one attack, but he already felt a sharp pain in his elixir field. It was a result of overexertion using two kinds of powers.

After a dozen of the remaining martial artists were killed, the rest of them no longer dared to act rashly. Even the strongest ones didn't dare to move at all.

'My power is being consumed. I have to end this quickly, or I will return to my original body.'

Darren was deep in thought. He had been quickly using up all of the strength in his body ever since he turned into a dragon.

He thought striking first would give him a flashy advantage with the crowd gathered around him.

With a sweep of his dragon tail, he was able to shatter one or two top level seven-star martial artists, just like a god of death.

Blood mist filled the air. It was a disgusting hell of mangled bodies and rivers of bloods, enough to make anyone gag.

Darren's attack, had destroyed most of the remaining martial artists, leaving only about twenty or thirty of them.

He felt that his strength had reached its limit and was about to return to his original body.

"It's your turn now."

Darren stared at the five most powerful young men who hadn't moved an inch during the whole time.

"You speak the human language?"

The group of people took two steps back cautiously.

"I'm a disciple of the Dragon Chasing Sect. Why can't I speak the human language?"


ogether." With these words, Darren took two steps forward.

The remaining people watched them. They were a little weaker than the ones surrounding Darren, so they'd decided they would wait until Darren and the rest of his group left.

"Please." Darren let the others go in ahead of him.

"You're welcome. I wish you all the best in finding the treasure." One of them stepped on the footprint.

When nothing happened to him, the rest also stepped on the footprint and disappeared.

Eventually, it was Darren's turn. He stepped on it and his figure faded away.

A moment later, he was surrounded by purple mist unable to see more than ten meters in front of him. Even if his spiritual sense and Spirit Power were combined, he could only reach a hundred meters ahead.


A figure knocked into him while he was studying his surroundings.

Darren frowned. When he was about to draw his sword and kill the man, a trembling voice reached his ears.

"Hey, it's me. Stop!"

Darren recognized him as the young man who had called him a fellow apprentice a moment ago.

Darren looked at him carefully, then froze for a second when he saw that half of his face's flesh had been torn off, revealing the horrible sight of his bones. There were also several scratches on his body that were bone-deep.

"What happened?" Darren growled urgently.

"No, you can't go in there. You can't go in there." That man's eyes were vacant, stuck in a state of infinite fear.


Just then, a heart-wrenching howl came from not far away. A moment later, silence befell the place again.

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