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   Chapter 638 Transformation To The Demonic Dragon

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As soon as the thin young man put his hand in Darren's elixir field, it bounced back as if deflected by a mysterious power.

He took several steps back and felt paralyzed as if he had been struck by lightning.

'This is weird. What is it? It must be something valuable. I must take it, ' the thin young man thought.

To avoid the same result, the thin young man placed a layer of Fringe Holy Will on his hand before he approached Darren's elixir field once again.

Darren felt such agony that he could not even scream.

"Ha-ha, I'm holding it in my hand," the thin young man shouted.

The nebular in Darren's elixir field constantly quivered in the hand of the thin young man as it resisted him.

"Hum, let me pull it out first!" Then, the thin young man tried his best to pull the nebular in Darren's elixir field.


The speed at which the nebular was rotating was obstructed, and it shook violently.

Darren felt the ultimate pain course through his body, which made him feel as though he was in hell. He wished that he would die immediately so that he could breathe a sigh of relief.

"What powerful strength! But you better come to me obediently!" With gritted teeth, the thin young man mobilized his Holy Will and tried again.


As the thin young man's strength increased, the nebular began to shatter.

If someone observed the incident from a distance, it would look like countless dense green or black lightning drifting over the broken nebular.


At this time, the thin young man shouted and quickly retreated.

The hand he had used to pull the nebular in Darren's elixir field had been smashed to pieces.

"Oh, my hand! What's happened?"

The thin young man looked at Darren in horror. His soul trembled as two icy rays of air as if released from the Darkest Hell, swept through his body. The power was so terrifying.

While he was still in shock, Darren's body underwent a dramatic change.

The thin young man stared at Darren and saw some dark scales sprout from his body.

'Is this guy a demonic monster? He is not human. I must kill him.'

The thin young man, however, overcame his fear and pain at the sight of Darren's sudden change. He didn't want to waste any time as he was afraid that Darren would cause him trouble later.


The thin young man punched Darren's head with all his might. He hoped to kill him with one blow.


Just as his hand touched Darren's head, tremendous power was rele

summoned the Shadow Rule to escape.


An olive-black dragon's claw moved toward the fleeing shadow.

"Oh, my God. I'm in so much danger! Even my flesh had melted!" cried the thin young man.

When Darren's shadow flashed over him, only a pool of bloody mud was left where the thin young man had been hiding.

A master who had comprehended forty percent of the Fringe Holy Will was killed in one second. It was horrible.


As a demonic growl converged with a dragon's roar, everyone shuddered.

All the elders who had been waiting outside heard the sound. Their expressions changed to reflect the horror they felt.

"Is something coming out of the forbidden zone?" one elder asked as he turned to others.

"It's highly possible. The sound is so awful. It's definitely a creature from the forbidden zone," another answered.

The elders outside were shocked. If something terrible came out of the Life Forbidden Zone, it would be a real problem.

On the battlefield

Five powerful young men were left at the entrance of the array. They also stopped fighting and looked at each other.

"Damn it! I don't know what kind of monster that is. Even if it is a real dragon, I will kill it. I heard that a dragon's blood is priceless," one of them cursed.

"Well, let's stop the battle for now and kill it!"

The five powerful young men gathered their Holy Will and rushed toward Darren.

Seeing that their leaders had taken action, the remaining warriors headed for Darren as well.

In a flash, over two hundred warriors that had been on the battlefield sped toward Darren in unison. The power they released was appalling!

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