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   Chapter 632 Treasure Collection And Evil Punishment

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In the ten days that Darren practiced, he was able to understand the Copying Skill and master the fist skills.

As Darren's martial arts talent was at the seventh level of the Heaven Degree, it only took him ten days to grasp the fist intent.

Adequately prepared, Darren thought that it was time for him to leave. He intended to visit the Dragon Chasing Sect.

But before that, Darren had to return to the city in case the young man's family reported his disappearance to the Dragon Chasing Sect.

Darren flew quickly, and soon, reached the city.

The soldiers on patrol in the city spotted Darren immediately.

"Go and inform the Governor that the young master has returned safely!"

The soldiers were overjoyed when they saw Darren.

When the young master's disappearance had been noticed, the soldiers had suffered tremendously. Over the past ten days, the Governor had killed hundreds of soldiers as punishment. This caused others to panic.

Soon several figures appeared where Darren stood.

"Oh, my dear son! Where have you been for the past ten days? Your mother and I were so worried," a middle-aged man said to Darren.

"A thief framed and injured me. I returned as soon as I recovered," Darren answered. As his appearance matched that of the missing young man, everyone thought that the young master had returned.

"Who is that thief? He must be insane!" The Governor's eyes widened in exasperation when he heard the explanation.

"I have already killed him. By the way, do you have any treasures at home?" Darren asked.

"Uh..." The Governor hemmed and hawed as he didn't know whether or not to answer that question.

"Don't you want to give them to me?" Darren sneered.

"Of course, I want to. But, Lewis, why do you need treasures? What do you want to do with them?"

"You have been the Governor for so many years. Don't you know why I would need the treasures?" Darren pretended to be impatient and continued, "This is my first visit to the Dragon Chasing Sect. I'm a mere nobody to them. So many senior fellow apprentices are at the sect. Do you think I will survive without some treasures? If I don't give them any benefits, I'm afraid that they will kill me!"

"Oh! I understand," the Governor patted his head and said. "Forgive my momentary confusion. My son has a thoughtful mind. Let me think about what treasures I have."

After contemplating for a while, the Governor said, "Lewis, why don't we send our box?"

Hearing this, Darren began to search the memories he had gotten from the young man's soul, but he couldn't find any reference for the box.

f you want them, I can ask someone to bring some for you. They are great, ha-ha."

"Answer me!" Darren's tone was full of killing intent.

"Uh, huh. May be ten times? What's wrong with you, Lewis?"

"Where are they?"


"The farm girls!" Darren roared.

"Oh! I killed them. Do you want them? But I've already played with them. This is so embarrassing. If you want to play, I can ask someone to bring new girls for you. Don't lose your temper, ha-ha."

"Well, old bastard, it's time for you to be punished." Darren was furious when he heard what the Governor had done.

'This old dog has ruined many innocent girls. How miserable those girls were?'

"Shut up! Don't forget that I created you. You are getting more and more disrespectful every day. How dare you call me an old bastard?" Although the Governor feared his son, he couldn't hold back his anger.


Darren did not want to say anything more. Instead, he released a spiritual arrow that pierced the Governor's mind.


The Governor's body convulsed, and the blue veins on his face wriggled like bugs. The agony caused by the spiritual arrow was unbearable!

After a while, he fell out of the bathtub. The Governor's eyes bulged as though they were going to pop out of his face.

His soul felt as if thousands of ants were eating him alive. This was a pain that no one could bear.

Darren didn't care enough to hang around and watch. This old bastard would live like this and not die. It was going to be a long and miserable life!

"Now that I have the treasures and I have punished an old beast, it's time to go to the Dragon Chasing Sect. I wonder what is happening in the Life Forbidden Zone now," Darren murmured as he left.

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