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   Chapter 631 Take Away The Invitation Letter

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Darren rose from his seat and walked up to the young man.

"How do you wish to die?" The young man narrowed his eyes to glare at Darren.

"Why bother? I just came here to have a cup of tea. Is it a good idea to fight me?" Darren answered nonchalantly.

At this point, the young man was flustered and wondered, 'Why isn't he panicking?' Though as he identified Darren's aura, he could obviously sense that Darren was inferior to him as a low level grand warrior. How could he be so calm?

But when he checked Darren's bone age, he found that Darren was only about thirty years old. Immediately, he felt relieved.

'He must be a bumpkin from some small tribe, ' the young man thought to himself. He believed that Darren must have never encountered such a strong man as him, so naturally he would not be intimidated.

"Huh? Where is he?"

As the young man was lost in his own thoughts, Darren had stepped out of the restaurant.

"Fuck! He got away!" he cursed and proceeded to release his spiritual sense to detect Darren's whereabouts.

In less than no time, he was able to locate Darren.

The young man promptly turned into a phantom and disappeared from the restaurant.

Eventually, he frowned and paused his search.

"What a bizarre bodily movement skill! It's clear that he's here, but when I arrive, he's gone."

The warrior chased after Darren several times, but the results remained unchanged. Every time he arrived at the place where the detection was located, the latter had already fled somewhere else. He seemed to always be a kilometer away from the latter.

"Humph! I'll just see what tricks you'll play. When I catch you, I will skin you alive!" The young man declared to himself and swiftly flew off to continue his pursuit.

After half an hour, he finally sighted Darren.

"You son of a bitch! You want to escape from me? Go to hell!"

He was furious. It took him unreasonably long to track the other down. He was sure that the bumpkin must have mastered some kind of speed skill; it was the only explanation as to why he had been able to escape so fast.

Darren stopped in his tracks and turned around to stare at the so-called young master.

"You've chased me for quite some time. Aren't you tired?"

"Screw you!"

The young man dashed towards Darren.


Darren struck the young man's fist with his palm, and the young warrior immediately sprang back.

He winced and, to his horror, realized that the bones in his arm were broken. He looked at Da


Darren could have been invited if he wanted to join the Dragon Chasing Sect. However, the purpose of his journey was to go to the Life Forbidden Zone. There would definitely be the people of the three sects there. If he went there with his true identity, it would be very easy to cause trouble.

That was why Darren was so excited when he found out that this young man received the Dragon Chasing Sect's invitation.

Not to forget that Darren had mastered the "Copying Skill." He could become the exact copy of his young man without raising any kind of suspicion.

"You're a murderer! I'll let you know how it feels to be killed!"

Darren had no intention to let him go. He violently rolled out the blade and sword intents.

"Ah!" The young man's face was pale, and then his head fell on the ground.

Although the young man's power was weak, Darren had assimilated his talent of martial arts.

Next, Darren needed to take this young man's look.

Before the young man's soul completely faded, Darren exerted the Copying Skill to transform into the young man's look. He even dressed the same way as the young man.

'No, there are too many powerful people here. If I am detected by some powerful rule cultivators, they will find me, ' Darren thought.

He decided to practice here for a few days and grasp the Copying Skill better to ensure his own safety.

"Besides, the Dragon Chasing Sect must have recorded the young man's skills. I can't expose my blade and sword intents so casually, so I have to learn some fist skills as well."

To his luck, he found a book about fist skills inside the man's pocket. Darren decided he'd start from there.

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