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   Chapter 630 The Method To Enter The Life Forbidden Zone

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Darren had never heard of the Life Forbidden Zone, which was why he wasn't about to look for it without having any clues as to where it might be. Instead, he went in search of cities he could ask about it in.

After ten days of flying, Darren came across more than ten cities and collected a lot of useful information. He also heard a lot about the Life Forbidden Zone.

It appeared that the Life Forbidden Zone had always existed in this sinful land. In fact, some believed it was there before this sinful land was even formed, a forbidden zone from the Ancient Age.

It was said to be tremendously terrifying. No one that ever went there had returned in many years. They were believed to have all died there.

There were so many rumors surrounding the place. One claimed that someone had seen a human-shaped creature there, with blood red hair that covered his entire body. One look from that creature and whoever it was it looked at would explode and turn into blood mist.

Recently, the rumors about the forbidden zone had become so widespread everywhere. There were heated debates about it going on in all the cities Darren had visited.

The debates were due to a master claiming he'd seen a human figure near the Life Forbidden Zone a few days ago. Right after that, the Life Forbidden Zone had started to collapse, as if it was the end of the world. The news had made everyone in the cities uneasy upon hearing it. They were convinced that something had escaped the Forbidden Life Zone and was now out to kill them.

In addition to the Life Forbidden Zone's information, Darren had also learned more about the five major forces, including the location of these forces.

Darren stopped at one restaurant in a city and sat down.

He wasn't in a hurry to go to the forbidden zone. After all, if it was as dangerous as the rumors claimed, it wouldn't be much of a good idea to go there so early. But if the place wasn't that dangerous at all, that meant it wouldn't be a fruitful trip to go there. So, he didn't need to rush anything.

'If I go to the Life Forbidden Zone, I will definitely meet people from the five major forces. I mustn't be recognized by those escaped bastards!' His goal was to fly under their radar.

"Everyone fuck off out of here! I've reserved the whole restaurant!"

Darren was leisurely drinking his tea when several strong men in armor rushed into the restaurant. They scared a group of people away in their wake.

"What are you doing? What's wrong with you? Why did you drive away all of our guests?"

The manager of the restaurant asked anxiously as many customers had left without paying.

Darren checked the young man's bone age and found that he was only over a hundred and eighty years old, but he had reached the seven-star Grand Realm level.

'He must be the one who has got the invitation from the Dragon Chasing Sect, ' Darren thought to himself.

"You...young...young master, that brat refuses to leave, so we were going to kill him."

"Why are you stammering? What did you do?" The well-dressed young man's face was as cold as ice. He raised his hand and hit the man with his palm. The man quickly dissolved into blood mist.

'Killing a guy for stammering, that seems to be very cruel, ' Darren thought.

Seeing one of their own get killed, the remaining men immediately knelt down and trembled, unable to even beg for mercy.

"The guests will be arriving here very soon. You can't even do something as simple as this? Why should I allow you to keep living in this world?"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The rest all exploded into blood mist as well.

Witnessing this heinous abuse of power, the manager hid far away. He didn't dare to face the young man.

"You son of a bitch, this is all your fault. Time for you to die!"

The young man looked at Darren, his eyes full of killing intent.

"I was just drinking a cup of tea. If you won't allow me to drink my tea here, I'll just go." Darren quirked his brow, a plan already in place.

He'd been thinking of a way to sneak into the Life Forbidden Zone. An invitation letter from the Dragon Chasing Sect would be useful.

"Who do you think I am? Do you really think you can leave now that I have every intention of killing you?" The well-dressed man laughed maniacally. No one could stop him once he made up his mind on doing something, and he'd made up his mind to kill Darren.

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