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   Chapter 629 The Life Forbidden Zone

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When they saw the Holy Will Pill in Darren's hand, they felt as if their hearts had shattered. It turned out that Darren had taken it.

"Darren, I have no grudge against you. Please don't kill me,"

pleaded the young man, who had been stabbed in the abdomen, as he retreated step by step.

"Why not? Weren't you forcing me to join your Golden Sacred Sect? You threatened to kill me if I didn't accept. Is your request fair?" Darren shouted, coldly. As they had already killed one person, it was impossible to set the young man free.

"Isaac! Kill him now!"

Isaac's extreme sword intent was aimed at the two men.

Suddenly, the earth shook violently.

"What happened?"

Isaac's attack couldn't cause the trembling.

"All the disciples of the Heaven Lake Sect need to return immediately."

"All the disciples of the Golden Sacred Sect should return to the sect at once."

The rumbling sound reverberated through the sky. In a flash, the two men from the Heaven Lake Sect and the Golden Sacred Sect were covered with white light.

A moment later, another thunderous sound deafened everyone. It was the Crimson Sea Sect calling their disciples.

"Ha-ha-ha, we have been saved."

The other three men were overjoyed, especially Ryan, who shed tears of surprise.

In their final moments, the three sects had used the teleportation door simultaneously. What had happened?

Instead of wondering why the teleportation door had been used, the men focused on the relief coursing through them. They had been saved! They weren't going to die.

Darren felt uneasy. After the three men were enveloped by the white light, they seemed to fall through a door in space. There was no trace of them! Even their aura had dissipated.


Darren brandished his blade and sword at Ryan in unison.

Ryan had suffered the most. If he escaped, the consequences would be unimaginable.


But Darren's blade and sword couldn't penetrate the white light.

"Ha-ha-ha, you little bastard! My sect will hunt you now. And soon, I will kill you!" A ferocious expression morphed Ryan's face. He was no longer in danger as the white light protected him as well.

A moment later, Ryan fell into the door behind him and disappeared.

"Darren, I will never forget you. You killed my fellow apprentice of the Gol

the cloud, stared at Darren with a solemn expression.

"Someone has crushed the Ancient Age's Life Forbidden Zone. All disciples, no matter where you are, please enter the teleportation door and return to your sects. Let's grab this opportunity together. Quickly now!"

When the old man's voice faded, another scene appeared in Darren's mind.

It was a purple place covered with a purple haze. A figure swayed there, almost as if ready to run.

A moment later, a huge crack appeared in the sky. The figure seemed to have broken something and he ran away timidly.

He ran thousands of kilometers a step and disappeared from the screen in just a few seconds.

"That figure... Ah, it was that old man! How could it be him?"

At first sight, Darren thought that the figure looked familiar. After careful consideration, he believed that the figure resembled the old man, who had come from the other end of the starry sky not long ago. What convinced Darren, was the figure's child-like reaction when he had broken something.

"The Life Forbidden Zone of the Ancient Age was broken? What's the meaning of this?"

Darren was very curious about the location of the Life Forbidden Zone and why all the sects had recalled their disciples. He was even more interested to learn about this opportunity everyone wanted to grab.

And who was that old man? He broke the Life Forbidden Zone!

"It's better to investigate and learn the truth than to make uninformed and naive assumptions," Darren smiled once he had decided where he was going.

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