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   Chapter 626 The Setup (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-19 00:02

"Little bastard, I'm going to kill you, even at the cost of my life, ah!" Ryan shouted, madly. By this time, he was now filled with rage at Darren's fibs.

In fact, he knew that even if they believed Darren got the pills, there was no way they would let him go. Darren's words were simply heavier than his, and that frustrated him even more. Now, he hated Darren to the core and wanted to drag Darren down to hell with him.

"You can't explain yourself, so you want to unleash your anger and frustration on me?" Seeing Ryan's outburst of anger, Darren sneered and continued, "My senior fellow apprentices, kill him quickly, or he will destroy the Holy Will Pill, knowing that he will die soon."

"You're right. Let's kill him now!"

Heeding on to Darren's suggestion, the four men looked at each other and rushed towards Ryan.

A catastrophic and harrowing fight commenced as Ryan, and the four men exchanged assaults. The battle was fierce and nonstop.

At the onset of the battle, Darren stepped back. He was afraid that Ryan would go crazy and try to kill him at any cost.

Four against one, Ryan was still trying to hold out, but his eyes were fixed on Darren.

Correspondingly, Darren winked at him, as if to let him know that there was nothing he could do about it even if he had known that Darren had tricked him.


Full to the gills with all the wreck and havoc, Ryan took a hell of a beating, and he began to try to turn himself into a bomb like the young man in blue.

"Don't let this guy explode with his Holy Will, or all the treasures will be destroyed," Darren shouted in a warning.

In an i

gested at the same time.

"Open it now!"

the man of the Crimson Sea Sect gave Ryan another slap while ordering him to open his spatial treasure.

"All right. Give me a healing pill so I can open it," Ryan gritted his teeth while asking in between his breaths.

"Dream on! A healing pill for you?" Darren scorned in refusal.

"Wait, give it to him so that he can recover and open the spatial treasure for us."

"Well, you are right."

The other young man from the Crimson Sea Sect put a healing pill in Ryan's mouth. A moment later, when he had gained some strength, he opened the spatial treasure.

"Wow, so many valuable things! They are mine now!" sneered the young man who searched Ryan's spatial treasure. The moment the young man caught sight of every treasure inside, a smile appeared on his face. Greed and insolence grew inside him in his desire to amass Ryan's riches. However, as he searched high and low, he couldn't find the Holy Will Pill; thus he asked, "Where is the Holy Will Pill?"

They all frowned and looked at Darren with eyes full of suspicions.

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