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   Chapter 624 Despicable

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Ryan of Heaven Lake Sect panicked. The other side had four people, who were as powerful as him, and his team had a junior sister apprentice. Once the battle began, she would be a burden. That would mean that he and the young man in blue would fight against four equally powerful people. There was no chance of winning.

"Do you really want to oppose the Heaven Lake Sect because of the words of this kid?"

"Cut the crap. When has Golden Sacred Sect ever been friendly with you? You brought a stupid woman and revealed your precious treasure inadvertently. Hah!"

"So, we have no other choice?" The young man in blue frowned.

"Now that you're about to lose your life, don't you think it's funny to talk about choices?" the young man from the Crimson Sea Sect said coldly.

"Kill him!"

Suddenly, the battle broke out. A strange wave of Fringe Holy Will exploded in the air.

"Wait! I will hand over the Holy Will Pill. Let us go!"

Ryan drew back swiftly and took out a pill that was surrounded by fluorescent light from his spatial treasure.

"Let you go? Do you think that is a reasonable request?"

Darren stepped forward and asked.

"My senior fellow apprentice is offering to hand over his treasure. What else do you want?" The woman was so scared that she almost cried.

"Humph! My two senior fellow apprentices and the brothers from the Crimson Sea Sect want to kill you. I am inviting trouble if I let you go after I take your treasure.

I know what you are thinking. You are going to save your lives first, and then, you will tell powerful people to avenge you. Am I right?" Darren said calmly.

"Bullshit!" the young man in blue roared. Then he blurted, "You have no right to speak here. You silly dog."

Ryan glared at Darren resentfully. Then he turned to the other four and said respectfully, "Guys, I promise you that I will not avenge myself after I return. We will forget everything and pretend that none of this happened. Please trust me."

Ryan feigned being calm and humble to save his life. To have to promise not to seek revenge after being robbed was the greatest humiliation he had suffered in his life.

"You can lie to naive children. You were so arrogant just now that I can tell that you are not a good person. Why won't you take revenge? Maybe, one day, you will find out our whereabouts and then you will ambush us."

Then, Darren turned to the other four and said, "Sirs, one enemy in the dark is already hard to deal with. Why

mastering various defensive methods, they were blown backward by the explosion. Darren didn't know whether they were injured or not.

The young man in blue had bought Ryan some time, and he took advantage of this moment to flee.

"You want to escape?"

Seeing this, Darren mobilized his speed to the maximum and even used the Teleportation Skill. Soon, he was standing right in front of Ryan.

"Fuck off! You are courting death!"

With blue veins standing out on his forehead, Ryan stretched out his palm and struck Darren.


Darren used all his skills to return the attack.

As Ryan had comprehended forty percent of the Fringe Holy Will, it was difficult for Darren to hurt him. However, Darren could still stop him from running away.

At this time, Ryan was very anxious. If the four men caught up with him, he would lose his chance to escape.

"Let me go."

Ryan knew that it would take him longer than a few minutes to kill Darren. This was time he didn't have. So he suddenly stopped and roared.

"Hand over the Holy Will Pill," Darren said with a smile.

Seeing that Ryan was hesitant, Darren continued, "If you hesitate for longer than ten seconds, you won't be able to escape."


With a flash of white light, a pill flew toward Darren, and he caught it.

Ryan's eyes were full of hatred, but he didn't dare to stay longer. Just as he was about to flee, a loud sound echoed in the space.


A strong dark golden internal force soared toward Ryan like a turbulent wave.

At the same time, Darren moved again, and his sword intent almost penetrated Ryan. "You despicable rat! " Ryan's voice became hoarse.

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