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   Chapter 623 Provocation

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A wave of murderous intent shot at both Darren and Isaac like a storm.

"You're right. We have no choice but to fight!"

Seeing the murderous intent, there was no choice for both of them but to fight. His remained Fringe Holy Will was burned with every second that passed by.

"How about letting you, the Crimson Sea Sect, finish them off?"

Ryan stood with his arms crossed as if enjoying the show.

The masked young men from the Crimson Sea Sect looked stunned for a moment. They communicated with each other with their spiritual senses. "Brother, this guy's bone age appears to be less than thirty. He is like no other we've ever met before. Even though he's so young, yet his cultivation base is so strong. He must have someone powerful in his corner. This makes me believe that there must be something fishy about the guy from the Heaven Lake Sect for making us take action against him," one of them said.

The other young man in the mask thought for a moment then responded, "With the presence of three forces, and the fact that this guy doesn't have the aura of the other two forces, no one in our world will be able to protect him. If we kill him, it won't cause us any trouble. Don't let the people from the Heaven Lake Sect think less of us."

"Wait a minute, brother, there are rumors that the world we live in is just a land for criminals, and there are a lot of praise-worthy places right outside of this world. Do you think he is from the legendary Sacred Palace in the outside world? Only the Sacred Palace would be able to cultivate such a powerful young man.

Brother, also don't forget that there had once been a Cloud Dragon Sect, whose power was only a little weaker than the five major forces. However, they killed a top level seven-star grand warrior who was sent here to receive training by the Sacred Palace. Later, all their members were eradicated by a super law enforcer sent by the Sacred Palace. Since then, this sect has disappeared from the world."

"You might be right since I also heard this story from the master. I'm afraid there's a backstory to his abilities. Let's wait and see."

"Yes, let's do that."

After discussing the issue together, the two men from the Crimson Sea Sect decided it was wiser not to take action right away.

"They're as weak as ants. Do we really need to kill them with our own hands? Aren't your guys from the Heaven Lake Sect excited about this? In my opinion, none of you would have been able to kill them on your own. As a matter of fact, they might have just ended you instead." They tried to goad the men from the Heaven Lake Sect into taking action.

"Well, let me do it then. I can kill both of them all by myself. Let those cowards see who is the strongest here!" The young man in blue, who was already upset with Darren, rose to their bait wanting to fight.

Ryan shot him a glare the moment he was done talking.

"Ha-ha! You are nothing but a group of cowardly rats. None of you strong enough to take on a young man and an old guy? If that's so, then where did you find the courage to claim that you are the strongest sect?"

The people of the Golden Sacred Sect looked at the two forces with mockery. One of them walked closer, making the first move.

"Young man, I wil

ut? Get back here now!"

"What? What's wrong with you? Why are you yelling at me? Someone with your strength can't possibly be afraid that these nobodies would attack you and rob the Holy Will Pill, right?" The woman was forlorn that he'd treat her like that publicly.

"Shut up!" Ryan was trembling with anger.

He looked at the other people standing around. The greedy light in their eyes was blatantly obvious to him.

The Holy Will Pill was a very precious piece of treasure after all. One pill was enough to make someone's Fringe Holy Will increase by ten percent. This kind of treasure was even cherished by the heads of various forces. How could these mere underlings not be moved?

Darren was overjoyed when he'd heard her outburst. That was the moment he knew he'd won.

"Sirs, it's better for us to fight quickly," Darren goaded the rest.

"Brothers from the Crimson Sea Sect, let's work together. When we get this treasure, we will divide it amongst ourselves. What do you think?" They looked at each other.

"All right. We will divide up the Holy Will Pill into four shares, and whatever other treasures we find will belong to us. Otherwise, we won't join the fight."

The two men from the Crimson Sea Sect were conniving liars. They didn't want to divide the Holy Will Pill. They wanted to take everything so they deliberately made the people from the Golden Sacred Sect believe that they would be on their side. For now.

The two men from the Golden Sacred Sect were actually thinking along the same lines.

"Don't worry, sirs. Once we succeed, we will help you kill the people from the Crimson Sea Sect. You can take all the treasure with you as a gift for me joining your distinguished sect,"

Darren assured the two men from the Golden Sacred Sect with his spiritual sense. Instantly, the two men laughed grimly, and their auras suddenly surged.

"All right then, this means we no longer need to be polite. Kill them now!"

The faces of the people from the Heaven Lake Sect changed drastically under the pressure of the four overwhelming forces coming at them. The woman was so scared to the extent that she was on the verge of tears.

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