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   Chapter 622 You Will Be Killed If You Refuse

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Gaston, who was a powerful warrior that had comprehended forty percent of the Fringe Holy Will, had been killed.

"Old bastard, you are not weak. Your martial arts talent is evidence of that." Darren finished assimilating Gaston's talent and his own talent was further improved.

By doing this, Darren became a step closer to attaining the legendary Genuine Domain Degree!

"Darren, I feel anxious. I don't know if the people coming would be hostile towards us and they may be equal to us in power."

After he had killed Gaston, Isaac was very much relieved. However, he decided that he must still keep his guard up. There were still several forces lurking about and spying on them.

"Just pretend you don't notice any of them and leave right now," Darren whispered.

"Well, if they try anything, I'll take up the rear," Isaac replied, his frown deepening.

"Let's play it by ear." With those words, Darren flew away with Isaac flying right behind him.

They had been flying for some time when they felt a surge of power overwhelming them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, Darren and Isaac were surrounded.

"Who are you? Why are you stopping us?" Isaac's face became wrought with nervousness.

He was still recovering from his wounds from the battle he had just fought. Darren's Holy Will was also wearing off, making the both of them more vulnerable. They were not ready for a fight. If the enemy were to attack, Darren and Isaac would have a difficult time.

"Get out of here! We are looking for him,"

a man dressed in all black said, pointing at Darren. He was wearing a strange bronze half mask that resembled a ghost.

Beside him, there was a young man wearing the same mask. He looked over at Darren as well.

"Boy, take this."

Ignoring Isaac, the man in black produced a bright beam of light that pierced through the air as he flicked it towards Darren.

Darren caught the light beam with his fingers. It materialized in his hands as a jade tablet and it pulsated with energy. The word "invitation" was carved into it.

"Is this the way you guys at the Crimson Sea Sect invite geniuses?"

The sky shook as three more figures appeared beside Darren.

They were exactly Gaston's senior fellow apprentices, the members of the Heaven Lake Sect.

"What a coincidence! We were able to meet people from both the Heaven Lake Sect and the Crimson Sea Sect today." Another voice came from the sky.

Two more men

ht there!" the woman noticed them leaving and shouted at them. "Boy, first you don't accept the invitation of the Heaven Lake Sect and now, you dare try to slip away?"

"Why should I accept it?" Darren turned around and faced her, his blade and sword intents beginning to pulsate and radiate their power.

"What she meant to say was people like you who dare refuse us must be killed in order to ensure that you do not pose a threat to any of us—or join any other faction, for that matter,"

the people from the Golden Sacred Sect spoke. They, too, desired to kill Darren since he refused to join any of them.

"If you lot from the Crimson Sea Sect really want to fight with us, bring it on. But before that, don't you think we should take care of this arrogant little boy and his friend first?" Ryan, the leader of the three from the Heaven Lake Sect said.

"Arrogant? Me? Are you sure you know what you're getting into?"

Darren gritted his teeth, feeling anger course through his veins.

"May I remind you that you are the ones who followed me here and started heckling me? You guys want to kill me just because I refused to join you. In spite of all the hostility you have shown me, somehow I'm still the arrogant one? I just want to ask you, who do you think you are?" Darren shouted.

"Calm down, Darren! We can't afford to provoke these people. We should focus on finding a way to escape." Isaac sent a message to Darren with his spiritual sense.

"They were never going to let us go anyways. We might as well prepare for a fight," Darren responded with his spiritual sense, getting ready for the imminent battle.

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