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   Chapter 614 A Crisis Resolved

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The red sword came very close to Darren. To make matters worse, the strong pressure rendered Darren unable to activate his strength at all.

Darren was about to be killed when the space around him suddenly fluctuated.

Isaac was astonished when Darren and the man both suddenly disappeared in front of him.

With confusion in his eyes, Isaac seemed to have seen something incredible.

"Is that a small world?" Isaac couldn't help but growl at what happened. A frown immediately decorated his face.

Actually, when Darren felt that the young man was about to approach him again, he had already prepared to open the Ancient Void Battlefield. When the man came to kill Darren, the Ancient Void Battlefield immediately took effect!

Darren's cultivation base had greatly increased. Additionally, his control of the force had also improved. Under his control, the Ancient Void Battlefield was much more stable than before. He was sure that the young man would not be able to destroy it.

What mattered most was that when Darren tried to pass the tests in the Starry Tower, Finley grew even stronger. Finley had finally reached the seven-star Grand Realm and mastered a Life True Rule.

In the Ancient Void Battlefield

A strong force drew the young man in. As such, Darren dodged his attack.

The young man looked around with a confused look. A very unfamiliar scenery was in front of him.

"You brat, it looks like you own a small world. Nonetheless, you are still not on my level. Do you think that you can survive in this way? Prepare to die, weakling!"

The red blood flames of the young man flared up as his energy continued to boil. He lifted his giant sword and pointed it towards Darren. With a swift step, he was about to swing it to deal the last blow.

"How dare you do such things here!"

A thunderous voice roared from the sky.

Suddenly, a white figure vaguely flashed in the air.

"Who the hell is that?"

The young man was immediately stunned. In his eyes, the man in white clothes seemed to have a faint halo. Furthermore, the stranger in white continuously flickered The absurdity of the situation made the young man a bit scared.

"Darren! You haven't taken prey here for a long time. Do you have any idea how bored I am?"

"Don't you feel that I have gotten stronger? I don't need you to kill ordinary enemies who are weaker than me," Darren said with a devious smile.

"Wow, you became stronger! Finally! Congratulations, Darren!" Finley smiled as the two continued their relaxed conversation.

"Oh, by the way, I'll be able to go out soon. I need you to do me a favor then."

"What is it?" Darren asked curiously.

"You two idiots! How dare you ignore me!"

the young man shouted with rage and emba

quite respectable yet idiotic that you didn't beg me for mercy." Darren sneered as he pitied the young man.

"Bah! What guts are you talking about? I also had a lot of backbone before. Having a backbone is useless. I will beat him until he's convinced!" the Water Kylin roared angrily as he raised his claw to beat the young man again.

"Okay, I'll leave him to you. However, don't kill him. Just lock him up when you get bored of torturing him."

Darren rarely met someone like that who wouldn't yield to him. As such, he decided to keep the young man alive for the time being.

"Why did you ask me for help?" Darren then casually continued his chat with Finley.

"I'm going to enter the Holy Realm." Finley didn't answer directly but instead, he said, "Look at this!"

As he spoke, Finley's robe bulged. Suddenly, a light cyan flame was ignited on his body.


Darren instinctively stepped back. If he hadn't, he would be almost crushed into minced meat by the power of the cyan flame.

'Finley's power is much stronger than that of the young man, ' Darren thought as he was impressed by Finley's display.

Darren was sure that if Finley used his skill, he could kill the young man in an instant! Of course, Finley couldn't do this in the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I already retracted it. Are you okay?" Finley flew to Darren and said with a playful smile.

"Damn it! You almost killed me there. Nonetheless, I can't believe you are going to enter the Holy Realm!"

"There is still a final step that I need to do. I need some time to perfect my Holy Will. Afterward, I'll be able to reach completely the Holy Realm. So I need your help," Finley said in a serious tone.

"What do you need me to do?"

Darren was puzzled. With great curiosity, he wondered why Finley needed his help.

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