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   Chapter 613 The Young Man With Holy Will (Part Two)

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By the look of it, Isaac assessed that this supplemented Holy Will could last no more than 45 minutes. Only those with a strong physique and soul could bear it.

"If I'm not mistaken, Gaston must have been within the threshold of the Holy Will. Thus, he added a little bit of Holy Will to his younger brother," Isaac murmured while weighing things about the matter on his head.

"Darren, he is supplemented with a piece of Holy Will. His fighting ability has been greatly improved. You should be careful," Isaac reminded Darren immediately, using his spiritual sense.

With the reminder from Isaac, Darren then realized that what was on this young man was the so-called Holy Will.

Of course, this level of Holy Will had only reached the edge. It was a long way far from the complete Holy Will; thus, it went by the eponym: Fringe Holy Will.

With the aid of the Fringe Holy Will, the young man's aura increased dramatically, which overtook Darren's.

"Will you kneel and kill yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?" the young man asked mockingly and grinned at Darren with scorn.

"Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are? Today, I will let you die without regret! " The Fringe Holy Will possessed by the young man didn't intimidate Darren at all—not even afraid of it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At breakneck speed, Darren's figure constantly flashed around the young man.


Along with each swift move, Darren waved the blade and the sword at the same time. The potent weapons rained their attacks on the young man steadily, and the battle started to heat off.


With a burst of explosions, Darren was bounced off.

"How can this thing be so powerful? I can't even hurt him?!" Desp

strained by the damage inflicted upon him by Darren, the young man looked a bit distressed. However, as he grew infuriated, the red flame on his body was even more dazzling. His black sword also burned red by the intense Fringe Holy Will.


Hell-bent on getting even, the young man activated his domineering sword intent and dashed to Darren like a flash of blood.

At the sight of the surging intents, Darren frowned. He felt a dominant and aggressive aura, which suppressed him completely. He even found it difficult to operate the blade and sword intents to protect himself from the impending danger.

"Is this the power of the Holy Will?" amidst the threat, Darren murmured. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't avoid the blow.

At the onset, Isaac's heart missed a beat as well. It never occurred to him that the young man had been attached with so much Fringe Holy Will and became so powerful.

'Shit! I can't help Darren, either, ' he thought to himself. With his eyes following the released sword intent aimed at Darren, Isaac could see that the speed of the sword was too fast. It had already exceeded his rescue range.

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