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   Chapter 612 The Young Man With Holy Will (Part One)

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"Isaac, let me practice first. If things get worst and I really can't defeat him, you can intervene and help me. Is that all right with you?" Darren asked, hesitant whether Isaac would conform with him or not.

"I fear that his strength is extraordinary. If anything happens to you, I'm afraid I can't save you in time. You'd better not take the risk."

It was reasonable for Isaac to say so. That man was also a swordsman, and he looked very overpowering. Judging from his aura, the man should have practiced Domineering Sword Cultivation and possessed overbearing power.

"Are you Gaston?" asked Isaac from behind.

The moment he caught sight of the man who was just a short distance away from them, Isaac immediately called out to him.

"Ha ha! I don't think that you are qualified to mention my brother's name," responded the man. He laughed contemptuously after hearing the question from the stranger.

Isaac asked in that manner, because, as far as he knew, the patriarch of the Thousand Souls Tribe was named Gaston Qian.

It turned out that the young man was Gaston's younger brother, who had also stepped into the seven-star Grand Realm, and also practiced Domineering Sword Cultivation. From the way he moved and the potency of his aura, it appeared like he had been taught by his elder brother well.

But the fact that he learned from his brother also implied a problem. If it were true that Gaston mentored this young man that would mean that his sword intent was inherited from his brother. In other words, he couldn't comprehend the extreme level of sword intent.

Yet, considering that case, Isaac grew confused. Since Gaston's brother's sword intent hadn't reached the extreme level yet, how could he have such a powerful aura? The moment he set ey

body all of a sudden. Consequently, the aura attached to the flame made Darren shocked and a little suppressed.

"What's this? So oppressive!" With his eyes opened wide in astonishment, Darren was hot and bothered.

A moment later, like a flash of lightning, he recalled on the back of his mind that he had seen something like this before. Back in the demonic monster domain, the Divine Bull King had used the same red flame, which was called belligerence. Moreover, as far as Darren knew, the Yu Clan, one of the three Ancient Families, had the same trick, which they called Bloody Belligerence.

But apparently, the flame summoned by the powerful cultivator from the Yu Clan was much weaker than the flame the young man just summoned.

"I see. So, it was because of the skill."

Standing on the side and watching, Isaac understood at once why he felt that the young man's aura was so powerful.

The burning red flame was a kind of imminent Holy Will.

However, under his careful sense, Isaac found out that the piece of Holly Will that exuded out from him didn't belong to the young man himself. It was supplemented to him by someone else using a drop of blood essence.

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