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   Chapter 610 Another Shameless Coward

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Darren and Isaac flew side-by-side till they reached a city.

"Is this Tiger City?"

"Yes, this city has existed before my closed-door cultivation," Isaac said before he turned to look at the buildings below him

"Zang Clan members, come out!" Isaac roared. His voice was so powerful that the whole city trembled with fear. Many people shivered as they looked up at the sky.

Several middle-aged men rushed out of Tiger City's Governor's Office.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you act like this in Tiger City?"

These people seemed to be subordinates of the dead Governor, Johnson.

Isaac and Darren probed the people and found that they were at the level of six-star grand warriors.

"I killed Johnson. Now, I want to speak with his son. Bring him here, or you'll die," shouted Darren.

The rumbling sound shocked the people who were flying toward them. Astounded, they did not dare to go forward.

"Wow, his energy is so strong! Go and inform the uncles." With anxious expressions, they instructed another member to apprise the other members of the Thousand Souls Tribe.

"Isaac, should we stop them?" Darren asked when he sensed that someone had flown out of the city.

"No need. I'm not here to make trouble for Tiger City. I'm here for the Thousand Souls Tribe. So, for now, we will let them inform the tribe. Otherwise, I won't be able to intimidate the tribe."

After Darren heard what he said, he understood Isaac's strategy. Killing some members from Tiger City's Governor's Office would be counterproductive.

If Isaac wanted to avoid trouble in the future, he needed to intimidate and deter the powerful members of the Thousand Souls Tribe.

After an hour's wait, an old man finally flew toward them.

"Who are you? Why do you bear a grudge against the members of the Zang Clan?"

The old man in a black robe asked when he saw Darren and Isaac.

"Are you the one to speak for the Zang Clan?

You want me to answer your questions even though you know that Johnson Zang has killed thousands of disciples of our tribes?"

Isaac asked coldly.

"Shut up! How dare you kill him? Johnson is the direct descendant of the Thousand Souls Tribe. If you dare to act recklessly here, I will kill you on the spot," the old man shouted.

"Are you denying the crime he has committed?" Isaac's face turned c



Then Darren kicked him with one-thousandth of his strength. He was not inclined to allow the young man a quick and painless death.


The young man fell in a pool of his blood, tumbled about, and shouted.

"Sir...sir, please believe me. This bitch coerced me to attack!"

Even after Darren punished him, the man continued to blame his mother.

Isaac, who was standing next to Darren, was fuming with rage. Blue veins stood out on his forehead.

With a quick movement of his finger, a sword intent slit the young man's meridians. Isaac was so furious that he wanted to torture him.

However, the pain Isaac inflicted on the young man was not enough for Darren.

He immediately launched a spiritual attack. In a flash, a spiritual arrow penetrated the young man's brain.

The young man trembled with pain and had no strength to speak. The agony coursing through him made him think that it would be better if they just killed him.

Seeing this, the woman fell to the ground and sobbed.

"It's your misfortune to have such a son. Don't feel sorry for him. He deserves it," Darren said before taking to the sky with Isaac.

"Mother, help... help me."

The young man glared at the woman with bloodshot eyes. His meridians and soul ached all over.

"This is all my fault. I shouldn't have spoiled you. I deserve to die," the lady said weakly.

"Bitch...bitch, hurry up. Save me..."

Swoosh, swoosh.

Silence filled the room as the young man's head rolled on the ground. His mother had cut it off with a sword.

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