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   Chapter 609 Get To Know The Extreme Level

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The so-called ancestor was a middle-aged man in a cyan robe. He approached Darren. As soon as he stood nearby, his sword intent made the sword core in Darren's elixir field produce a low buzzing sound.

'The sword intent the man released is probably less than fifty percent of its power. At its maximum power, the extreme sword intent must be really terrible, ' Darren thought.

He could feel the sword intent more clearly now that he was closer to the man in the cyan robe.

Darren then compared the man to Mathew. They had their own merits, but the sword intent of the man was not as intimidating as Mathew's killing sword intent. Overall, the man's combat effectiveness was probably higher than Darren's but slightly weaker than Mathew's.

"I was at a critical juncture of my cultivation when the trouble started. I couldn't help but want to stop my cultivation to save my inferiors. Fortunately, young man, you saved them and the three tribes. Thank you," the middle-aged man said.

"You are welcome. Please, consider it a small favor. By the way, sir, have you reached the Holy Realm?" Darren asked.

"Ha-ha-ha." The middle-aged man gave a bitter laugh before explaining, "I haven't completely mastered the Holy Will. Thus, I didn't make a complete breakthrough to that realm."

"Really?" Darren's eyes lit up. "Sir, do you have insight about the Holy Will?"

"That's right. After over 3000 years of hard work, I finally gained some insights about it. But, if I want to comprehend it thoroughly, I can't reach my goal by mere closed-door cultivation," replied the middle-aged man.

"Then, sir, may I ask you some related questions?"

Hanson had been instructing Darren when he was in the Starry Tower. However, as Hanson had been poisoned for an extended period, his understanding of the little bit of Holy Will had dissipated. So, he couldn't teach Darren.

Mathew had sensed some will about killing sword intent as he chose the Killing Cultivation. But it was not suitable for Darren.

Although the middle-aged man seemed to walk on a unique road and pursue sharp and fierce skills, his cultivation method was a little similar to Darren's sword intent. That was why Darren wanted to learn from him.

"I would like to chat with you, as well, my little friend. Let's speak after I settle some business here," the man said to Darren.

Then, he turned to the crowd and instructed, "You may leave for the moment. I guess you need time to clean up the damage and bury the dead. When the right opportunity comes, I will help you get revenge."

"Yes, sir!"

Everyone present responded respectfully by kneeling.

With their ancestor's and Darren's help, they were not afraid of anyone who wanted to make trouble.

assed can you reach an extreme level.

I can sense that you're cultivating both sword and blade intents at the same time. It's one of the biggest Conflicting Cultivations in the world. Maybe, you have already taken a different path," Isaac Hu added.

What shocked him most was that Darren cultivated both sword and blade intents at the same time.

From ancient times till now, many people had tried to walk down this path, but they died miserably. No one became a senior holy warrior, let alone become a holy emperor.

It was amazing that Darren had reached such a level while practicing sword and blade skills simultaneously.

"Well, thank you for your advice, sir. I will try to explore my path." Darren cupped his hands and expressed his gratitude.

"That's great to hear. Darren, let's go. I'll show you my shallow Holy Will." With a faint smile, Isaac Hu looked into the distance.

"Sir, what do you mean?" Darren asked as confusion coursed through him.

"Have you forgotten that those pests invaded my tribes? I have to teach them a lesson. If I swallow the insult and humiliation silently, they will think that I'm dead," Isaac Hu said through gritted teeth.

"You are right." Darren smiled before continuing, "But, Isaac, since your surname is Hu, how could you be the ancestor of the three tribes? I remember their surnames are Kui, Qiu and Ji."

Darren was puzzled.

"Ha-ha, these three tribes were created by three of my disciples. As they hadn't achieved anything of significance, they respected me as their ancestor."

"Oh, I see. Then I'll go with you. Let's see how strong the so-called big tribe, who dared to attack the three tribes, is," Darren said with a smile.

"That's good to hear. Let's go to Tiger City first," Isaac Hu suggested. Then, he flew toward the north with Darren.

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