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   Chapter 608 Kill Them All

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They could reach a distance of more than a hundred kilometers in a matter of seconds.

Darren followed them closely behind.

"They are from the Tiger City!"

The three of them saw that there was nothing left of their tribes but ruins and felt resentment bubbling up in their hearts.

Riley was itching to exact revenge and wanted to fly over to fight but Darren stopped him.

"If you go now, you will die in vain."

Darren observed the fighting in the skies. The big man with a sledgehammer possessed the strength of a first-class law enforcer from the Sacred Palace while the three old men matched the strength of seven-star grand warriors at the middle level.

Now all three of the old men were badly beaten and injured.

"Johnson Zang, I have given you everything you have asked for! Now that you have killed him, what more could you still possibly want?"

one of the old men roared.

"Do you want to live? How dare you offend my son!" The big man showed no mercy and instead, he attacked with more ferocity.

The pressure from the attacks were almost too great for Riley and his other two companions to bear. They almost fell out of the sky as the fight ensued.

"Darren, we ask for you to lend us your strength."

The three companions knelt in the air simultaneously.

"Don't worry. I'll help you." Darren used his force to hold them up.

"Johnson! If you still do not choose to surrender, our ancestor will ensure your death once he appears!"

Johnson Zang chuckled. "That's funny. Are you really trying to frighten me, a Governor, who is unbothered by all this talk about ancestry? Even if your ancestor shows up, I will not be beaten. Go to hell!"

Yellow light began to radiate off of Johnson Zang's skin and with this, he placed his power into his sledgehammer and delivered a painful blow that knocked one of the old men down from the sky.

Johnson Zang chased the old man's fallen figure and raised his arm to drive his sledgehammer into the man's skull.

"Patriarch!" Abby's eyes brimmed with tears. If the hammer hit her patriarch, he would surely die.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang!

To Abby's surprise, the hammer didn't fall on the old man's head.

Instead, the hammer was blasted into the sky and it vanished.

Johnson Zang took a step back and looked down, in shock of what had happened.

From out of nowhere, a young man appeared. A powerful energy surrounded his body and the strength of his blade and sword intents was magnified. When Johnson's sledgehammer made contact with the young man's blade, the sledgehammer flew from the sheer force and Johnson Zang was left weakened.

"Who are you?"


the air.

However, the three old men were overjoyed.

"Ah, it's our ancestor!

After three thousand and two hundred years, our ancestor has finally come out!"

The three old men bowed to him in reverence.

Upon learning of the arrival of their ancestor, all the other members of the three tribes also bowed to him.

A figure slowly stepped out of the smoke.

Darren immediately felt the strength of the figure's sword intent.

Darren sensed that it was unique and powerful.

The more that he studied it, Darren realized that it was the extreme sword intent, which was a higher level than the one that Darren had been able to master.


Darren's sword intent began to buzz by his side as it, too, sensed the figure's power.

Tension filled the air and everyone began to fear an imminent fight between Darren and the ancestor.

"Sir, Darren saved our three tribes," one of the old men said in a trembling voice.

The ancestor seemed to not have heard him and continued to move towards Darren.

Their two sword intents clashed in middle of the air.

In an instant, Darren's sword intent vanished as he withdrew his sword and returned it to his side.

"Your sword intent is quite unique and powerful. I am no match for you, sir,"

Darren said, a faint smile tugging at his lips.

"No, you are being too humble. If you also activated your blade intent, your power would definitely be able to match mine. You are indeed a genius!" the ancestor, who was wearing a cyan robe, said.

At that moment, everyone let out the breath that they had been holding in and they were all relieved that neither man had the intention of fighting the other.

Everyone also gained more respect towards Darren as they saw him to be on par with their ancestor!

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