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   Chapter 607 Making Friends

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Darren always believed that he wasn't strong enough when it came to rule cultivation. But that was mostly because he didn't have much of a chance to perfect his rule cultivation base.

However, he was definitely more than qualified to become a powerful rule cultivator.

His body was in the best shape to help him become a powerful rule cultivator, with the level twenty-five Spirit Power he'd awakened and the One Rule Tower in his body.

That was why, when he heard the woman talk about the tomb of a holy rule cultivator, he determined to check it out.

"What are your names respectively?" Darren asked.

"I'm Carter Qiu, the big guy is Riley Kui and this beauty is Abby Ji. We are from three different tribes nearby." At first, Carter had wanted to order people from his tribe to kill Darren, but he'd been intimidated by the man. After sensing Darren's imposing aura, he took the initiative to introduce himself and his friends so they could endear themselves to Darren.

"Nice to meet you! My name is Darren Chu. I'm about your age. I found myself here by accident. If you're all right with it, I'd like for us to be friends," Darren told them sincerely.

The three of them looked at one another.

While the young man in front of them was very strong, he didn't mean them any harm. It was rare to find a powerful warrior that was humble, so befriending him would definitely be to their benefit.

"Ah ha, this was just a misunderstanding. Let's forget about it. We would like nothing more than to be friends. In any case, I'm 138 years old. How old are you, Darren?" Riley asked.

"138?" Darren was stunned.

"Yes, he is. Riley is the strongest warrior of the younger generation of the Bulk Tribe, and he is a bit younger than us. Darren, I am guessing you're a little older than him, aren't you?" Carter, the young man in animal skins said.

"Well...I'm more along the line of thirty years old." They looked to be around twenty years old to Darren. He hadn't expected them to be over a hundred years old.

Though to be fair, Darren realized that one probably shouldn't guess the age of a powerful martial artist by his or her appearance. Scott was over a hundred years old after all, but he looked around thirty.

"What? Are you serious? You are only 30 years old?" Hearing Darren's age had shocked the woman named Abby Ji.

In their tribe, a person was only considered an adult after turning one hundred and fifty years old. Darren was only thirty years old, meaning he was just a child.

It wasn't just Abby Ji who was shocked by the news, the other two were just as amazed. How could he be so power

iting me to stay with you. I didn't really have any other places to go anyway," Darren replied.

"You are very welcome. I'd like you to help me in cultivation when you have time."

"Yes! Darren, you are much more powerful than us. Would you please tell us how to improve our skills?"

"No problem. But I don't think I am strong enough to instruct you guys. I can give you some herbs, though," Darren said with a smile.

"Darren, you are really modest. Oh, come to think of it, why haven't people from our tribes come to pick us up? They should have been prepared a feast to welcome us since we've succeeded in breaking into the forbidden area." Carter realized something was very wrong.

"Bullshit! Why do you need others to welcome you? Don't be such a show off. Let's go, the tribe is 700 kilometers away by flying." Abby glared at Carter.

"I'm not trying to be vain at all! Breaking into the forbidden area is a very big deal. No one has been indifferent to this accomplishment like this before. I'm just worried that something might have happened."

"Fine, you're right. Let's head back and see what's going on."

Hearing this, Darren began to probe their tribes carefully.

His spiritual sense was not suppressed in the outside world. With his Spirit Power, his spiritual sense could cover a thousand kilometers around in the Medium Spiritual World.

"Your tribes are being slaughtered."

Darren frowned. He sensed a huge man with a big iron hammer fighting vigorously against three old men.

Most of the houses in their tribes had been destroyed. There was blood and bones everywhere.

"We need to get there as fast as we can!" None of them even questioned Darren's words. Together they flew into the sky and headed back.

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