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   Chapter 606 The Tomb Of A Holy Rule Cultivator

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"I've told you that there are powerful guardians here," the masked woman hissed threateningly. "If you're not careful, you may just end up like Riley here, or worse. The brainless lout just got off with one wound, and he's lucky to still be alive at all."

"I am not brainless!" snarled the strong man named Riley Kui, striking his fists together in rage.

Without waiting another second, he started to run towards the woman.

Luckily the young man clad in animal skins, whose name was Carter Qiu, restrained him. "Wait a minute!" he cried. "The three of us have made it this far, but passing the last challenge won't be easy at all. If we fight among ourselves, none of us will make it in the end. So, just listen to Abby's suggestion. We'd better work together and kill the guardian instead."

Riley Kui gave a snort at that, but backed down all the same. He had to admit Carter Qiu had a point.

Rather than replying, the woman drew forth a weapon of some kind, though with such an air-cutting speed that it could not be identified at first.

As she flung it upward, it turned out to be a length of hemp rope, and it attached itself to the crevice in the rock wall above them.

Riley Kui offered a sly smirk. "It seems that your tribe treats you very well," he said with a chuckle. "They even gave you the tribe's special weapon."

From the precipice above, Darren watched this exchange with some interest. Despite the rope's humble, simple appearance, it gave off a powerful ancient aura similar to that of Darren's divine sword and blade.

"Now, that's interesting," he said to himself. "Let's see who has the more powerful weapon, then."

Saying this, he quickly lashed out with his sword and blade.

Dazzling runes shone in the air as the sword and blade sliced at the rope.

Still holding onto it, the masked woman trembled as though lightning was passing through her, and a terrific pain shot through her body.

The moment passed, but her insides still tingled slightly.

Turning aside, she spat blood, then quickly drew the rope back to herself.

To her dismay, it now sported a nasty cut, one almost deep enough to sever it completely.

"It must be the guardian!" she cried. "How powerful is he?!"

Astonished, the three companions turned and looked around for their attacker. Almost losing that special weapon without warning had to have been a nasty shock.

"Oh, have I gone too far?" Darren asked himself, smirking. He decided, though, that he'd spent enough time messing with these people.

From their conversation, he deduced that they were here in search of those green magic herbs, and that they'd passed many difficult trials just to reach this place.

Ready to talk to them now, Darren dropped from the cliff wall and came out into view.

As soon as the three noticed his approach, they cautiously stepped back.

Having expected the guardian, they were not sure what to make of this stranger.

Remarkably handsome though he was, Darren looked like almost any ordinary young man.

"Our clan patriarch said that the guar

oken out in a cold sweat upon hearing his warning.

"Don't misunderstand, sir," the masked woman said to Darren, though at the same time she was glaring at Carter. "I wasn't talking about you. What I meant was that I don't want to give up. We haven't even tried to get into the ultimate forbidden area yet."

Riley stared at her like she had two heads. "Are you out of your mind? That's not going to be easy, nor will it take a short time to get through."

Hearing this, Darren smirked and relaxed the blade and sword intents. "Oh, I get it now. You want me to take you there because I'm so tough, right?"

The masked woman looked at him, suddenly overjoyed. "Are you willing to help us with that?"

Darren gave her a hard look. "Let me tell you something. If I hadn't killed those metal creatures, all three of you would be dead now. And none of you stand a chance against a seven-star grand warrior. You do realize that, right?

You ought to be grateful that any of you are still alive at all. So why are you so interested in risking your necks trying to break into the ultimate forbidden area?"

Before answering, the three exchanged looks. They had a feeling that this young man was not trying to scare them off, nor did he have any reason to try.

It had never occurred to them that they would have to face off against seven-star metal creatures, much less that Darren had saved them from such a confrontation. If they had broken in by themselves, they would indeed have been killed.

"Sounds like you also had a hard time dealing with those creatures," the woman said under her breath. "That's why you didn't dare to go to the ultimate forbidden area."

Seeing that Darren was still silent, she continued, "You're right, of course. Who indeed would dare break into the tomb of a senior holy warrior? In fact, he was a holy rule cultivator. That's why the true rules have been buried for hundreds of thousands of years now."

"The tomb of a holy rule cultivator?" asked Darren slowly. Now this sounded very interesting indeed!

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