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   Chapter 605 Inherited Magic Herbs

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Darren then moved on cautiously. With fog surrounding him, this place looked even darker and more terrifying.

He wasn't afraid of it. After all, he was a powerful martial artist.

The way narrowed as he moved forward. In the current scenario, Darren's spiritual sense could only cover an area of dozens of meters around him.

This strange atmosphere made him even more curious about what was going on inside.

Darren continued to move forward. In the narrow channel between the black rocks, he saw a weak green light.


Darren's heart skipped a beat. He knew what the green light was. It was the green magic herb he had absorbed before.

Hundreds of such herbs stood on both sides of the mountain wall. He had to tilt his head up to see them all. It was probably hundreds of meters high.

Darren did not hesitate at all and prepared himself for flying over.

Just as he took off, his brows snapped together after he felt a little pressure that went against his direction. The pressure intensified, but he kept flying and clenched his jaw to suppress the urge to retreat.

With his power and strength, he only flew more than two hundred meters high and picked dozens of such herbs.

"It's a weird place. It seems like something is suppressing me." Darren's forehead crease grew deeper only when he started finding it hard to go against the pressure anymore.

He sighed and flew back to where he was initially standing. Dozens of herbs were enough for him to absorb for a while.

Darren sat on the ground with his legs crossed, trying to absorb the green herbs.

He felt a steady stream of warmth coursing through his body. The energy from the herbs surrounded him and started entering his body as if he had been an empty vessel.

After what felt like hours, he was done absorbing all the green herbs.

Darren woke up from his trance and picked up his divine sword. His hand gripped the sword tightly only to force its pointed end at his stomach.


A crisp sound rang out. The divine sword did not pierce through his skin. It only left a white trace on his body.

"Good!" Darren was thrilled. He had just used sixty percent of his power to stab the skin. Typically, with this strength, he could pierce a seven-star grand warrior.

He swung the blade toward his arm with force.

This strike was full of sword and blade intents, and it had used more than eighty percent of his strength.

After another crisp sound, a shallow wound appeared on his arm, like a thin blood line.

"I merely broke my skin when I used more than eighty percent of my strength. So my physical strength has increased more than ten times!

What kind of magic herb is it? It's just so powerful!"

He darted his eyes at the swaying herb

und was covered with countless cracks. His body rushed up.

'This guy is almost as powerful as me in terms of physical strength. Who the hell are they?'

Darren did not show up. He was observing from above.

When the strong man rushed up, the young man with animal skins couldn't help but want to rush up as well.

"What a fool you are! Haven't your patriarch told you about the existence of a mighty guardian who is protecting the inherited magic herbs in the last challenge? Just wait, Riley is about to get hurt." The woman wearing a mask sneered. Her eyes landed on the stilled young man with animal skins.

The big man sprinted to the spot about 200 meters high, and it was 80 meters lower than where Darren was hiding.

"Ha-ha, I get it!"

The strong man obtained a thumb-sized herb that emitted a green light.

This herb was too small so Darren didn't pick it up.


A sound of air-breaking came, and a blood hole appeared on the strong man's arm.

His mouth hung open, and he took a few steps back.

"Watch out! The guardian is coming!" The woman's face paled for a second, and she couldn't help but shout loudly.

The three of them stood in a stance and stared at around the cliff with narrow eyes. They stood like a statue, but nothing happened.

Darren smirked above them. It was him who threw a small stone at the strong man, and it hit through his arm.

"You can leave now. You don't deserve the inherited magic herbs."

Darren released his hidden strength to circle around his throat. The impact made his cold voice echo throughout the cliff.

The three of them trembled momentarily before coming back to their senses. "Ah, the guardian has spoken. What should we do now?"

The young man dressed in animal skins retreated a step. He felt that the master of the voice was very powerful.

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