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   Chapter 604 Deep Valley (Part Two)

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With the inspiration provided by such outlook, Darren flew fast in the sky and used his spiritual sense to explore.

Many people who owned stalwart talents of martial artists, and myriads of variant beasts were scattered across the Medium Spiritual World. Knowing that fact, Darren naturally wanted to find opportunities to improve his talent.

After flying steadily for three days and nights, a deep valley separated from the world caught Darren's attention. The valley was dark and mysterious. With the aid of his spiritual sense, he faintly felt that there were many powerful creatures along the valley.

As a feast for a famished man, those powerful creatures were undoubtedly a treasure for Darren. He had seen an opportunity for him to assimilate their powers somehow and advanced his level.

Thus, wasting no time, Darren dashed into the deep valley. He didn't mind the darkness nor the eerie ambiance at all. His mind, as well as his heart, was focused on throwing himself on the pool of overflowing powers.

As a loud thud was heard when Darren landed on firm ground, a deep, raspy, and grotesque roar reverberated across the valley. Many of red eyes that appeared to be vile and malevolent looked at him occasionally.

"This place is a blessing in disguise. There are plenty of four-star and five-star variant beasts that just roam around, pristine and untapped," gawked Darren at the sight of sources of power for him.

What hyped him more was Darren found more than five thousand variant beasts in the deep valley, and none of them was weak. He thought he would make use of all of his time to assimilate as much as he could and would not allow a single beast to go astray.

Although the varieties of the beasts did not possess powerful talents, there were a lot of them. Accumulating all the minute talents each beast could offer would eventually add up to something massive, and Darren was with all hopes for that.

Soon enough, Da

arable to the shape of a top-level of a seven-star grand warrior.

'Did this mean that such a strong body could even remove impurities after absorbing this plant?' Darren asked himself.

"It meant that this plant was the supreme magic herb for marrow refining! Or it was the precious treasure beyond magic herb!

It's really precious. If I absorb a large number of these plants, my body will be much stronger!" exclaimed Darren.

With such realization, Darren began searching for the plant again. But after flying for a long time, he still couldn't find another stem of it rooted on the ground.

But he didn't stop and kept flying deep into the valley. He even scurried high and low in search of the stray plant.

The further he went, the darker it got at the crease of the valley. Strangely, while he was in the valley, Darren felt that his spiritual sense was suppressed a lot, so he could only sense about a kilometer around at most.

"Why do I sense a dangerous aura?"

As Darren suddenly felt a chill down his spine, he had a strange feeling that something was staring at him.

With his increased strength and heightened sensitivity, he would never have this kind of feeling without any reason.

Thus, taking an extra ounce of caution, Darren slowed down and became very vigilant.

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