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   Chapter 603 Deep Valley (Part One)

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"You have been marked, that could only mean one thing, and that's trouble," Zavier frowned while mouthing out the words slowly.

"What trouble do you mean?" probed Darren further. He was intrigued by how the expression changed on Zavier's face as he talked to him about the mark.

"Those who are marked are not only chased by people from Divine Lunar Sect, but also by the mysterious sect behind them. The worst thing about that is the chase only ends the moment the one who has been marked died.

You are so powerful at such a young age. What a pity! It's only a matter of time before you die or disappear at the hands of those sects." As he was narrating that, Zavier was quite sorry for Darren's fate. He couldn't wrap his head around the thought of wasting such a one of a kind warrior as Darren.

"I am sorry, but I am a bit clouded. Can you make it clear for me? What do you mean by the mysterious sect behind the Divine Lunar Sect?" His eyebrows were on the flick, and the creases on his forehead deepened as Darren asked.

"I just heard that they are like babies made of soil. They are very sinister and terrible creatures based on accounts of those who had encountered them. Once they targeted one person, one can never break free nor escape their wrath. But no one knows when and where they will attack," Zavier responded at once. His eyes never left Darren's face while he relayed the information to him.

"I have come face to face with that creature, you said. It was indeed peculiar, but powerful not one to be taken for granted. But, let me clear this out. In other words, the so-called Divine Lunar Sect is not the clay figurines?" One question after the other, Darren was determined to learn more about his oppressors. Thus he constantly asked queries from Zavier to gather as much information as he could.

"Of course not. The members of the Divine Lunar Sect are the followers of the clay figurines. Moreover, they are especiall

n I reach the seven-star Grand Realm, maybe I'll possess the power on level pegging to the inferior holy warrior, or even higher, ' Darren thought silently.

On one incident, Darren had heard from Mathew that the seven-star Grand Realm was a vast realm, and reaching the apparent peak of the seven-star Grand Realm would enable one to kill an inferior holy warrior.

But Darren, at the extremes of it, felt that Hanson and Mathew, who were at the seven-star Grand Realm, could even kill the golden-armored law enforcer of the Sacred Palace!

Being with Mathew's company, Darren had witnessed how potent he was when it came to battle. Thus it would be fair to say that he was well aware of how terrible Mathew's killing sword intent was.

Similarly, Hanson had cultivated both blade and sword simultaneously. The moment the poison was removed from his body, he would be even more potent than Mathew. Hairs on his back stood on ends at the thought of how devastating and destructive would Mathew's and Hanson's powers be. Darren could not put into words how dominant would the two of them be.

Therefore, as he saw himself on the same level with them, the instant Darren stepped into the seven-star Grand Realm and reached the top level, he assumed that he would also have the strength of Mathew!

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