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   Chapter 602 Marked Again (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5613

Updated: 2020-02-10 00:02

When everything was calmed and settled, Darren was left standing, alone, desolate, and filled with remorse and misery. All these mixed up emotions made him frown momentarily.

Yet, torture and torment didn't end there. Horror filled Darren's eyes when he saw in his chest the mark of the cross. This time, however, the mark was made to completion.

As it all synced into him, Darren's face turned livid with rage. After all that they had done to him, Darren was overwhelmed with hatred at these unknown subjects.

"Come on if you want! I'll kill all of you!" Darren roared, shaking the whole city with his uproar.

But after this shout of challenge, the noise in the Impeccant City suddenly quieted down as if they were jounced and shuddered by Darren's powerful aura.

To vent out his anger, Darren roared and roared incessantly until he was parched and exhausted.

He wanted to find Ella's dead body and give her a decent burial that she deserved. Howbeit, he searched high and low, but he couldn't find anything, as she was reduced to dust by that vile figurine creature.

"I'm sorry, Ella. You may rest assured that I will kill those creatures from the Divine Lunar Sect to avenge you and your family's death!"

Clutched on his hands was the dust from the ruins as he made such a promise to Ella in a deep voice. After shedding a tear or two, Darren soared into the sky at breakneck speed.

As soon as he was midair, a powerful aura locked in on him.

"No need to hurry," whispered a voice in Darren's ears.

"What?" asked Darren in a puzzled tone.

Whoever it was, Darren knew that he was not that weak when it came to both talents and intents, but Darre

er was in dire desperation and at the loss of words on how he could persuade him further.

"Well. In fact, if you join the Sacred Wind Palace, for our protection, there will still be a condition for you to conform upon. Once the Divine Lunar Sect invades us at any time, you will have to come and help us no matter where you are. That is the sole condition,"

Zavier revealed with embarrassment.

"The Divine Lunar Sect?" at the mention of the sect, Darren asked with great interest.

"What kind of sect is the Divine Lunar Sect? Why are they coming after human warriors everywhere?" Darren asked further, eager to learn more about the malevolent and contemptible sect.

"It seems that you have also faced people from the Divine Lunar Sect, haven't you?" Looking at Darren's curious expression, Zavier smiled slightly.

"Yes, and I believe that they have left a mark on my body," Darren said, opening his chest and revealing that cross mark for Zavier to see.

At the sight of the horrible mark, Zavier's face darkened at once. It was as if he had seen the devil face to face as represented by the mark.

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