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   Chapter 601 Marked Again (Part One)

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For a six-star grand warrior, killing a person at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm would be a piece of cake. With a single blow and most straightforward move, he could easily defeat such an opponent. So normally, it wouldn't be difficult for the old man to kill Ella.

However, now that Darren was here, the old man stood no chance.

Relentless and unstoppable, Darren's blade and sword intents had already appeared behind the old man and instantly pierced into his heart.

Right then and there, he died instantly before he could have the time to adjust his power to resist and even launch a counter-attack.

Right after he made sure that the old man was lifeless, Darren assimilated the martial talent of that old martial artist. To his advantage, the old martial artist's talent was more than enough for him. Consequently, assimilating such talent boosted and strengthened Darren's talent degree.

"Great! My talent degree is very close to level six of the Heaven Degree," Darren exclaimed in excitement.

Now that he had assimilated two warriors' martial talent, which were both substantial, Darren's talent degree had increased a lot.

Darren had used up his spiritual crystals. Only when his talent degree reached the Genuine Domain Degree, could he upgrade the stage of his cultivation base the fastest way possible.

Seeing that the two old men were dead, the young man that was left scared to death fell on his knees to the ground helplessly.

"You, how dare you kill the subordinates of my father? Aren't you afraid of the payback from our Divine Lunar Sect?" bellowed the young warrior despite the trembling of his voice.

"Ha-ha, I have already killed the two of them, and I will also kill everyone from your sect.

that such an explosion killed the clayed man. Yet to his horror, the clay figurine seemed to be invincible, immortal even.


A peal of dull laughter resounded in Darren's ears as the rumbling of fallen rocks and debris ceased.

What was set before Darren's eyes was a clay figurine, who was as big as a baby. The baby-like figure smiled at Darren before it tore open a space crack and crawled in—vanishing and escaping from Darren's wrath.

At the thought of how the vile creature had slipped through his fingers, Darren felt both angry and surprised.

Especially when he thought about Ella, although he and Ella had not known each other for a long time, they were at least friends. His heart ached when he saw that she was killed right in front of him. The worst thing was that he wasn't able to do anything to save her at the very least.

Above anything else, he was astonished by the origins of these clay figurines. How could they tear up space?

However, Darren could tell that the clay figurine he had encountered was not powerful enough. If he fought him with his full force, he would definitely be able to outmatch the clay figurine.

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