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   Chapter 600 An Encounter With People Of The Divine Lunar Sect

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Darren looked around and found that the people dashing in his room were not ordinary people, but all soldiers in armor.

The one who took charge wore a bright red armor and had the aura of a five-star grand warrior. He was a general, the top leader of the soldiers. As soon as he spotted Darren, he started yelling at him, "You committed a crime and killed the Governor Office's soldiers. I demand that you surrender now!"

His yell woke up Ella who had been in a sound sleep.


The general's eyes lit up the moment he saw Ella's beautiful face.

"You are so lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend like her," the general said as he licked his lips in excitement.

"General, shall we arrest this guy first, so that you can stay and interrogate this beauty alone?"

one of the vice generals who was familiar with his leader's taste suggested and winked at him.

"Well, that's a good suggestion. The woman is together with a criminal after all; she deserves a good interrogation. You take the brat out, and you have my permission to kill him if necessary," the general said.

Looking at Ella's beautiful face, he felt his heart beat faster.

He'd fooled around with different women for many years, but most of these women were coquettish. It was his first time to meet such a beautiful and pure woman. How could he let her go?

"But I'm worried we'll be screwed if we are reported, general," one of the soldiers noted hesitantly.

"According to the city rules, officers aren't allowed to participate in any crime, but I'm just an ordinary person today. Do you understand?" The general removed his armor while he spoke.

"Ha ha, I understand. Then, bro, please enjoy yourself," the nearest subordinate said. Instead of using his title, he'd talked to him casually.

"You really know how to swim with the tide. I'll reward you later. Just do your job and get out," the general said with great satisfaction.

"Yes, sir!"

Darren watched and listened quietly during all of this. Now, he was plainly irritated by the general's greed.

"I had intended to let you go, but you just lost your chance. Don't blame me; you dug your own grave," Darren said with a shrug.

"How arrogant! I'll beat you hard, break your bones and then play all I like with your wife!"

As he spoke, the general dashed towards Darren, attempting to kill him with one strike.

Although Ella was a little nervous, she knew that these people were no match for Darren. Thus, she didn't run away.


Darren punched the general's head abruptly and instantly. Without any warning, the general's head exploded like a watermelon.

"What? Ho

ouldn't dare act rashly.

However, a strong sense of hostility exuded from Darren instead.

"How can you prove that you are a member of the Divine Lunar Sect?"

Darren went through everything in his head. He wanted to get more information about the sect.

"Ha! Are you afraid now? I'm the son of the Left Guard of the Divine Lunar Sect. How dare you try to kill me?"

Hearing Darren's question, the young man stupidly thought that he'd frightened Darren. He then tore his collar and a cross mark appeared on his skin.

If it were anyone else, he might not have been able to tell whether it was true or not. But as soon as Darren released his spiritual sense, he immediately felt a familiar aura. The aura was exactly the same as the half cross he had in his body before.

"Well, tell me then, where is your Divine Lunar Sect?"

Darren asked with a sneer.

"Shut up! What makes you think you have the right to inquire about our sect's location?" shouted the old man that hadn't spoken so far.

"If I can't do that, then you can go to hell now!"

Darren disappeared into thin air. When he reappeared again, the sword and blade slashed the old man's neck in an extremely ordinary way.

The old man glared at Darren as the life drained out of him.

A six-star grand warrior was killed in the blink of an eye. It was a shock, of course, to the remaining two.

Naturally, for a warrior of this level, his talent in martial arts was pretty good. Thus, Darren assimilated the dead old man's talent at once.

"Fritz!" the remaining old man cried out hysterically. "Even if I die today, I'll take one more person along with!"

In the next moment, an enormous force came from the old man's hand and dashed towards Ella's throat at lightning speed.

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