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   Chapter 599 Catch Him

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Hearing those words, the two city guards were struck dumb. There were sudden changes on their facial expressions.

"Are you trying to cause trouble?" one of the guards questioned, raising an eyebrow.

The soldier who was at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm blew up his top. His growing irritation was obvious. "What attitude is this?" he demanded as his voice raised by several decibels.

"Just answer my question," Darren said calmly. He shook his head disapprovingly with his arms crossed.

"Go to hell!"

The other soldier came rushing immediately towards Darren.

However, a spear was thrown in the air and he too became frozen. His eyes widened and his jaws dropped at the sight of the scene. His lips were pulled back in a strangled scream.

Bang! The heart-stopping scream was followed by a long drawn-out moan.

Within seconds, he collapsed on the ground with a loud bang, like a pile of flesh without bones.

"Don't you know that this is the Impeccant City? Why are you being arrogant?" Darren threw a cold glance at the other soldier, and walked away with Ella. His face fell and anger was written all over his face.

"How dare you! How dare you kill the guard of the Governor's Office? You are so dead!" Those words were charged with exasperation. The living soldier responded in a trembling voice. He was so afraid Darren would hear his words. Driven by fear, he raced blindly ahead.

"Interesting." The performance was simply electrifying. The audience were totally enthralled. They stood wide-eyed at the cast.

A young man and two other older men happened to witness this incident.

"I have someone to play with now." The young man smirked evilly. His eyes, originally narrow slits of red suddenly fluttered open.

"Please don't be so careless, sir. As far as I'm concerned, that guy is at least a five-star grand warrior. There is no need for us to provoke him," altered the older man standing on the left beside the young man. He reckoned for a solution, while waiting for what seemed like eternity.

"Haha, you know I have come out to have fun. With the strength of both of you, the two six-star grand warriors, Whom do I need to fear?" the young man responded in a cold voice. He craned his neck as he let out a wink and grinned.

"Fritz, you're just overthinking. Besides the Governor, there's no one in this place that we can't deal with," the other older man said to the first older man. He glared in rude amazement. "But please go back after playing for one or two months, sir. If you delay for too long, I am afraid that the Left Guard might blame you." He turned to the young man and made his point.

"I see. That guy's sword is pretty good. We can find the opportunity to get it together with some slaves to play along before going back," the young man said.

The moment he got inside the city, despite the city looking pretty much alive on the surface, Darren could sense a strong killing aura even though there was not a single fighting at all.

"The killing aura is so strong here. I don't understand why there are still so many people dropping by." His mind was in a whirl, as his stomach was churning. Darren murmured to himself, looking around at the

nor's Office," the other older man said disapprovingly.

"Yes, you are right. I almost forget this rule. We can't afford to offend the Governor. He is a strong martial artist of the seven-star Grand Realm."

The three chatted while following Darren.

Along the way, many people had already scanned Darren with their spiritual senses to see if he had some treasures with him.

As a matter of fact, in this city, people who came out during the day were all out to seek some information. In other words, they were out to find the targets they could attack at night.

According to the rules of the city, no matter what happened at midnight, the Governor's Office wouldn't take any responsibility at all.

Darren found an inn for Ella to have a rest.

Since Ella was merely a martial artist at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, it was really a great challenge for her to follow Darren's pace of flying. Now she was very tired. Her face lifted up with an instant smile when they finally found an inn to rest.

Inside the room, Ella, who was red in the face, muttered in a low voice, "Darren, why did we only get one room?" she asked, stealing a furtive look around.

"What? Do you want to be by yourself?" Darren asked.

"No, it's not like that..." Ella lowered her head and stammered, "I... I just feel a little bit embarrassed..."

"Don't think too much of it. The people here might be dangerous. I just want to make sure you are safe. Get some rest." Darren sat on the floor and began his cultivation.

"Oh, I didn't mean that." Ella's face turned even redder and she felt more embarrassed. Lowering her eyes, she turned away hoping to avoid the stares, pretending nothing happened.

Soon, the night came.

Outside of the inn, there were all kinds of noises, which made people tremble in fear. Courage melted away. People were immobilized with fear.


A figure suddenly appeared in front of the window in Darren's room.

Darren opened his eyes and shouted, "Fuck off! You are looking for your death!"

"Humph! You are so arrogant! Catch him!"

Instantly, countless figures rushed into Darren's room.

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