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   Chapter 598 The Impeccant City

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Ella was a little hesitant.

She knew that Darren was very powerful but at the same time, she could not overlook the fact that those who killed the villagers were some of the most evil villains in history. There were talks of how even a five-star grand warrior cowered in their presence and struggled to escape from them for as long as he could.

She felt that Darren's power was no match for the enemy's strength and cruelty.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound drew her back to reality.

The sound of clashing metal rang around her.

Ella soon realized that the buzzing sound was coming from none other than Darren, who realized she doubted his strength. Because of this, Darren decided to manifest his strength to prove to her just how strong he really was.

Darren's aura continually grew stronger and as his power emanated outward, his blade and sword intents also grew in their power and all creatures within a thousand kilometers began to tremble with fear.

Although Ella was under Darren's protection, she could still feel the power of his blade and sword intents as they radiated throughout the air.

It was, to her, indescribable as she could not think of anything more powerful than what she was witnessing.

"Darren, are you a Holy Realm master?" Ella murmured in her soft, sweet voice.

"Not yet. But I think I will be one soon enough!" Darren answered with confidence.

Upon hearing what he had said, Ella began to wonder.

'If he is not far away from being a Holy Realm warrior, then does that mean that he is a seven-star grand warrior?' she thought to herself.

After having witnessed Darren's formidable strength and having Darren himself reassure her of his abilities, Ella became certain that he was indeed a seven-star grand warrior.

It was said that all the seven-star grand warriors were legendary masters.

They only existed in those powerful tribes or clans.

For so many years, Ella had been under the impression that anyone who came close to a seven-star grand warrior would be murdered without a second thought. In all the tales she had heard about them, they were described to be devils, evil beyond compare.

However, she had never thought that she would encounter such a gentle seven-star grand warrior such as Darren. From the moment that they had met, Darren had not only helped her many times but also treated her like family.

Ella suddenly felt blessed to have met him.

"Darren," she began. "My family was killed by the Divine Lunar Sect, which is a very evil faction." Ella told Darren the whole truth about how the villagers died.

"How did you know that?" asked Darren, his heart crushed by what he had just found out.

"The elders told us stories of long ago when our land was inhabited by people who were banished from their homes for the crimes that they committed. All the people who were found guilty for committing such horrible crimes were exiled here and kept away from the rest of the world. As the years passed, the population of the land grew and soon, this land became an independent world.

But it was said that

pened the scrolls and scanned them quickly.

Upon reading them, he immediately understood why the city before them was called the Impeccant City. The scrolls claimed that nothing that the citizens of the city could do would ever be considered wrong. No matter what they did, they were all regarded as innocent.

Moreover, if they wished to enter the city, they had to pay the guards at the gate a thousand magic herbs or something of equal value in exchange.

"Darren, do we really need to get in?" Ella was hesitant after reading the scrolls.

"Aren't you tired? We've been flying around all day. We need to get some rest." After giving it some thought, Darren and Ella both signed the scrolls.

"Alright. Listen up, you little brats. No one in this city would care about who you are or where you come from. If you die in this city, no one would even give it a second thought. Are you sure you want to go in?" The city guard looked at them with disdain, feeling that neither Darren nor Ella possessed any form of power.

"Why do you care so much about us? How does this look to you? I dare say it is worth at least two thousand magic herbs."

Darren unsheathed his sword and waved it in front of the guard.

The guard's eyes lit up. He recognized without a doubt that the sword in front of him was no ordinary sword. Why? He knew it was worth far more than two thousand magic herbs!

"You may enter!"

the guard shouted.

Darren looked at him thoughtfully and began to speak. "Thank you! But before we go, I just have one more question."

The guard sneered at Darren. "Shut up you piece of shit! Get the hell out of here if you don't want to enter now," he roared angrily.

"Wait, let him ask! He only needs to give us ten magic herbs!" Another soldier came running towards them and placated the other guard.

"Here you go." Darren plucked out ten magic herbs from a small pouch and handed them over to the guard. "I just wanted to know. If I killed you, no one would blame me, right? I mean, after all, we are in the Impeccant City."

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