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   Chapter 596 Everyone In The Village Had Been Killed (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-07 00:12

On the path to the village, Ella sneaked a glance from the corner of her eyes as she walked next to Darren. She could see Darren's straight and elegant pace.

"Sir, you..." At the thought of the powerful aura of the sword intent, Ella trembled with fear, and she abruptly closed her mouth.

Darren turned sideways and frowned. "What's the matter?"

Ella hesitated for a while. "May I ask what your cultivation base is? Are you a third-star grand warrior?" She got up the courage to ask Darren.

"Why do you think so? Do you consider a three-star grand warrior very powerful?" Darren gave a half smile.

"Of course!" Ella glanced ahead, and her mouth curved into a smile. "My father once said that a three-star grand warrior could even smash a boulder weighing up to ten thousand pounds into powder at one blow. How could a three-star grand warrior not be mighty?"

The space of the Medium Spiritual World was even more stable than that of the upgraded Bottom Spiritual World.

At that time when the Bottom Spiritual World was in crisis, Lord Donald, who was a junior holy warrior cooperating with ten golden-armored law enforcers, could not break through the weakened space of the Medium Spiritual World. It apparently meant the space of the Medium Spiritual World was extremely stable.

A three-star grand warrior was able to smash tens of thousands of pounds of massive boulder, which meant that the person was one of the most powerful individual in the Medium Spiritual World.

It was only a piece of cake for Darren to destroy several mountains with a blow since he now had combat power of a seven-star grand warrior at the top level.

"No matter how strong a three-star grand warrior is, that person will always be weaker than me." Darren calmly lift

and continued to stare at him with wide-open eyes. She couldn't believe what Darren had just said. Did that mean he wanted to treat her as his sister? A smile slowly plastered on her face.

"Darren. Big brother, wait for me!" Ella's eyes glistened with joy as she hurried towards Darren with a grin on her face.

Darren walked in front of Ella. However, the more he walked, the more he felt something wrong. The whole village was extremely quiet, which was terrifying. Both Darren and Ella slowed their paces.

"Where is my uncle and others? Why aren't they at home?"

Ella murmured as they passed a house.

Darren squeezed his eyes shut and released his spiritual sense. His energy looked around. Perhaps, he could find out about what had happened.

However, after searching the whole village with his spiritual sense, Darren stood still.

Ella frowned and looked at him. "What's wrong, Darren?"

"Dead. Everyone is dead."

Darren found out that there were 780 corpses in the whole village, including different genders and ages. Everyone in this village had been killed.

"What... All dead?" With a pale face, Ella rushed to the innermost part of the village.

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