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   Chapter 595 No Mercy

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Hitch, the one-star grand warrior, was quick to believe that his opponent was nothing special.

He was just as surprised as he was irritated, then, when he realized that none of his killing blows were coming near Darren.

"You killed the young master! For that, I'll kill you right now!"

As Hitch roared this, he activated his domain skill, and the black iron spear thrust like a phantom toward Darren.

Darren put on a show as he resisted this power, pretending that it was close to overwhelming his strength. At the last moment, though, he "unintentionally" swung his arm out, landing a heavy punch on Hitch's face.

Even as the warrior fell to the ground, Darren pummeled him with several kicks, sending him rolling back several meters.

Hitch came to a stop, favoring his bruises and glaring up at Darren with wide, furious eyes. As he saw it, he owed his new injuries to his own carelessness, not to any superiority on Darren's part.

With his pride thus intact, he barked, "Who are you, boy?!"

"I came from the Chen Village," Darren answered coolly. He wasn't about to share his name with this blowhard.

"Ha! So you have guts enough to tell me where you're from," Hitch gloated. "You'll regret that when the Black Dragon Fortress comes to destroy your whole village!"

Darren raised an eyebrow. "First you'll have to get back to your buddies alive to tell them about it," he pointed out.

"Humph! You think you can kill me just because you thrashed me just now? Try and catch me!" Hitch snarled. With that, he produced an Escape Rune from his pocket and activated it with his blood essence.

The coward was gone in the blink of an eye, but Darren knew that that inferior rune could only take him a kilometer or two away. Not only that, but he would still be easy to track down with spiritual sense.

In any case, though, Darren had no intention of chasing him down. Letting him spread the word to the Black Dragon Fortress would only hasten their ultimate defeat.

Seeing that Darren had won, Ella breathed a sigh of relief.

The next moment, Darren went over and removed the seal from her body with his spiritual sense.

"Thanks for your help, sir."

Saying this, she bowed low to the ground with tears of gratitude in her eyes.

"No need to thank me," Darren replied, turning toward Fergus. "It's just your own bad luck that you ran into this scum. I'll kill him for you now, then."

"Please don't, sir,"

Ella said, suddenly on her feet.


Darren frowned, staring at Ella in disbelief.

'Even after all the evil this man has done, she wants me to let him go?' he wondered. 'Is she really so soft-hearted?'

He laughed in derision, shaking his head. "You actually wa

illage could resist their attack. Otherwise, she wouldn't have begged for mercy earlier.

Turning to Darren, she said, "Sir, you must run from here. Get as far away as you can. I'll go back to the village, explain the situation, and tell everyone to hide. As for my having just killed Fergus... Well, let his father do whatever he wants."

Darren shook his head, saying, "If members of the Black Dragon Fortress are looking for you, it's no good trying to hide. I need to just kill them all together. It's my duty to protect your village, no matter what. You need to take me to your village now."

"No, sir," she insisted, though she was impressed at Darren's bravery. "You've already saved me from a terrible fate. There's no need for you to risk yourself any further. There are three-star grand warriors in the Black Dragon Fortress, and they're strong as gods. If you faced them, you'd be throwing your life away for nothing."

Darren smirked at her. "Ha! Do you really think I am so weak? I tell you, no one can come within ten thousand kilometers, let alone kill me. Now, let's get going."

Having said this, he had a look around with his spiritual sense and spotted only one village within fifteen kilometers. Knowing it had to be the Chen Village, he flew off toward it.

He left so fast that Ella, wrapped up in her anxieties, was caught off-guard.

She was just about to follow Darren when she noticed a member of the Black Dragon Fortress nearby. He was hiding and not a little afraid, so she thought she would kill him quickly.

As Ella drew near, however, something she couldn't see sliced the man's body to pieces, which in turn dissipated like dust.

Looking around, she was alarmed to sense a powerful aura of sword intent close by. "What a powerful aura of sword intent!" she exclaimed.

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