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   Chapter 594 Took His Life

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All eyes were focused on this handsome figure.

"Damn it! You bastard! Where did you come from? How dare you ruin this pleasurable moment of our young master?" One of the underlings scowled at Darren. "Get on your knees!"

He continued to throw a glare, but didn't dare to come close to the handsome figure, who was actually Darren.

Darren didn't even look back and ignored the underling's words. He took off his own outer robe and wrapped it around the girl whose clothes were messy.

"How can there be such a bastard like you in the world? You are nastier than the ugly bloke!" Darren fixed his eyes on Fergus.

Why did he allow some other men to have their way with his fiancee? And it seemed like that he had every reason to do so. Fergus was really a scum. Darren gritted his teeth at the thought and looked away.

"Ha-ha, ha-ha, wow! No wonder you refused to let me touch you even though we've been together for three years. It turns out there's an adulterer here," Fergus said with a smile, pointing at Ella, who was slumped on the ground. "I thought you are a virgin, but you turned out to be a bitch." Fergus smirked as his gaze landed on Ella's collapsed figure, and his eyes started to travel from Ella's head to toe.

"This young man must have slept with you hundreds of times. You are such a bitch. And now you pretend to resist? You must have been thrilled to see that Young Master Luke wanted you. You had only acted innocent in front of me. Fortunately, I'm smart enough to draw your lover out. Humph!" Fergus's cold gaze landed on Darren.

Ella gritted her teeth and fell silent. Her eyes started to burn with fury that made her limbs tremble.

She had always thought that Fergus was a gentleman, but she never imagined that he was such a scum. She was now grateful that she did not give him any chance to touch her.

Fergus turned his gaze toward Luke. "Young master, please uphold justice on my behalf. You must punish these two assholes!" Fergus knelt in front of Luke unexpectedly.

Luke pressed his lips together. "Get up, Fergus. This asshole has spoiled my enjoyment. I will also tear him into pieces even without your request!" Fergus was delighted to see Luke's ferocious face. He licked his lips and looked at the young master.

"Young master, I can't detect his cultivation base. I suggest that we should call Captain Hitch over and kill him." The underling at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm stood next to Luke with his chin up.

"OK. Send a message to Captain Hitch, saying that there is a man who doesn't know his place wants to rob me. Captain Hitch is a one-star grand warrior. So he can kill this guy quickly." After Luke's instruction, one of the underlings sent a message to captain Hitch.

The underling ran back and bowed his head. "Captain Hitch will arrive soon."

"Well, you guys get ready to attack this lad and test his real strength." The underlings' eyes lit up after they heard the order of their young master and rushed toward Darren.

Darren's cold eyes swept a glance at the running

Darren. "It's him! He killed my underling and even wanted to rob me. Captain Hitch, please help me!"

"What did he take from you, Young Master Luke?"

"It's...Err..." Luke looked away and hesitated for a while. "Forget it. Just cut the crap and finish him this instant!"

"Yes, Young Master Luke!"

Darren sneered and instantly moved his sword. His body flashed in front of Luke, and he used the sharp blade to attack Luke's throat.

"Let me tell you, I took his life."

Darren threw the head of the young man as soon as Darren finished his words.

All of a sudden, the one-star grand warrior named Hitch was dumbfounded.

He was completely stunned.

Darren had actually dared to kill Luke in front of the one-star grand warrior.

"The young master is the favorite son of the master of the Black Dragon Fortress. How should I explain his death?"

Hitch was sweating as he thought of the strength of the young master's father, who was a three-star grand warrior.

"You dared to kill the young master Luke in front of me? You will be torn into pieces!"

The one-star grand warrior's eyes turned red. He thought that he had no way to live unless he killed this bloke.

He raised his spear and aimed at Darren.

"Mister, run! RUN!"

Tears shimmered in Ella's eyes, and she stared at Darren. She was scared because of the big man's terrifying aura. Her lower lips trembled as she imagined Darren's miserable fate if he didn't run away. She didn't want Darren to die for her.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do.

Darren unhurriedly drew his sword from the sheath and pointed it at the big man. He still had his cultivation level suppressed, and he continued to fight with the grand warrior like an ordinary man.

He was at a little disadvantageous position.

Ella was even more distressed at how Darren continued to ignore her pleas. Fergus and the lackey of Luke had been stunned for a while and didn't dare to look over. They knew that the death of the one-star grand warrior would be inevitable.

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