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   Chapter 593 The Extremely Shameless Men (Part Two)

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Unexpectedly, the young man next to her suddenly gave her a heavy slap in the back. The girl was shocked by the man's unforeseen action.

Darren frowned at the sight. Nonetheless, he remained in his place and didn't take any immediate action.

"Fergus, what the hell are you doing? Why did you suddenly launch a sneak attack against me?" The girl's eyes were filled with disbelief. A trace of blood had already hung on the corner of her mouth. A pained expression was seen on her face.

"Ella, you are too impulsive. It would be better if you just calm down. How could you act like this in front of Young Master Luke?" Fergus Chen said reproachfully as his eyes met with Ella's.

"What the hell are you talking about?! You are my fiance. These people wanted to offend me. Why do you take the side of the outsiders?" Fergus' words were quite a shock for Ella Chen. She just couldn't believe that amidst the irrational demands of the people around them, Fergus Chen would tell her to back down.

"Ella, you can't act so stubbornly. You should already be aware. If you continue to be impetuous, our entire village would be destroyed. Please realize which is more important, okay?

Since Young Master Luke is interested in you, you should serve him well. If you do a good job, I believe he won't make trouble for our village. He might even take good care of us in the future if you perform well. Why don't you stay with him for a few days and entertain him?"

When she heard that, Ella Chen grew extremely mad. The anger in her chest almost suffocated her.

Bewilderment enveloped Ella as she couldn't comprehend the actions of her fiance. At that moment, somehow, a thought passed by her mind. 'Did Fergus say that on purpose so that

er anger and terror, she closed her eyes. After a deep swallow, she felt dead inside.

"Please, Young Master Luke. Have fun with this bitch as much as you can. Forgive her if she doesn't appreciate your grace. She is just a whore to be used for your pleasure!" Fergus replied respectfully as he bowed and nodded continuously to the young master.

"Well then, I will enjoy myself. But damn, she sure is beautiful. Guards, take off all her clothes now!" A wretched expression painted the young master's face as he gave such a vile order. He even rubbed his hands as if to show his perverted intentions.

"I haven't seen your body either. You didn't even allow me to hold your hand before. It's pretty exciting to see that a prude like you would be broken in front of me. Haha." Fergus laughed wildly as he also felt excited. Not a single hint of shame could be seen in his character.

'How can there be such a shameless person in the world? This has gone far enough! I, Darren, have witnessed a lot of ridiculous things today, ' Darren thought to himself with great annoyance.

The very next moment, a quite handsome figure suddenly appeared in front of Ella.

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