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   Chapter 592 The Extremely Shameless Men (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-05 04:26

With the delicate release of his spiritual sense, Darren inspected the area within one kilometer around him. Surprisingly, he found no less than 50 magic herbs. Moreover, the spiritual energy they contained was higher than that of the ginseng he had.

Darren's figure flashed with great speed. Within a few seconds, he had already picked all the magic herbs and put them into his Space Ring.

"No wonder there are so many strong warriors in the Medium Spiritual World. The magic herbs stored even in a desolate mountain here possess such superior quality," Darren murmured.

The magic herbs of that level were better than the ones in the Ancient Void Battlefield Darren had found before. The people of the Medium Spiritual World had such rich resources. The consumption of those herbs would increase their strengths exponentially. As such it would be too strange if they were not strong.

"Young Master Luke, please let us go! Have mercy on us, please. We have already given you all the magic herbs we had."

In the far off distance, Darren suddenly heard a girl's cry. With a desperate tone, the girl pleaded miserably.

He then scanned the area with his spiritual sense. About a kilometer away from his location, he found a group of people that surrounded a man and a woman.

Since Darren had nothing to do at that time, he became intrigued about the situation. Immediately, he flew as fast as he could to see what was going on.

"Young Master Luke, we really don't have any herbs left now. Please spare us. We only picked three herbs in total and we already surrendered them to you."

Darren saw a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. Tears trickled down her face as she complained to someone. A young man of the same age as the girl stood by her side.

The girl was dressed in plain clothes but she was very beautiful. With her delicate face

ess words, her face suddenly changed. The previously pitiful expression on her face turned into hatred. With her amazing strength, she jumped up from the ground.

"How dare you say such things! You really want to drive us to the corner? I can kill you all with Fergus. I already tried being nice. Nonetheless, if you still refuse to let us go and keep pushing us, I will kill you all!" A ferocious expression painted the girl's face as she snarled at the people around her and Fergus. She began to gather her strength as she released her momentum at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm.

"How dare you! Who do you think you're talking to? For your information, our young master has a secret treasure with him. If he is ever in danger, he can use the treasure to summon more grand warriors to help him now. If that happens, your whole village will be killed by the warriors. A miserable faith would fall upon those who oppose him. You should think twice before you take any action!"

"Humph! I don't care! I'm going to murder you first!"

The girl was overwhelmed by fury. The previously delicate face of hers grew red due to hatred. Without a second thought, she immediately drew her sword and was about to dash towards her enemies.

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