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   Chapter 591 Badlands

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Darren shot a cold glance at the old man.

"If you have to make trouble out of nothing, I don't mind teaching you a lesson here!"

Although the old man had mastered two or three true rule prototypes, he was at most as powerful as a top-level seven-star grand warrior. Darren still stood a chance of defeating him.

"How arrogant this brat is! At your word, Lord Donald, I will have him punished!" The old man's eyes twitched as he was humiliated by Darren's words.

"Shut up,"

Donald said flatly and then looked at Darren.

"You are good at arguing. Like you said, even if the Sacred Palace is partly responsible for the incident, it is an undeniable fact that you have wasted the weapon and skill that Hiram the Great left us. You cannot do this with impunity."

"Why are you so unreasonable?" Darren's chest heaved violently.

"Guards!" Donald looked at the people guarding the door with a flushed face. "Exile him into the Badlands. Ban him from entering the area of the Sacred Palace for one hundred years," Donald ordered without looking at Darren.

The old man pursed his lips as his eyes landed on Darren. What kind of punishment was that?

He took a step forward and was about to speak, but Donald's cold eyes swept on the old man, sending shivers down his spine.

"Enough. You are annoying me on purpose!" Donald's lips twisted into a dark smile that was even more terrifying to the old man. "Perhaps you would care to make the decision?"

Donald's robe billowed and a terrible pressure descended on the old man, making him almost kneel.

"No, I dare not," the old man said in a trembling voice. His face became pale as if he had seen a ghost.

"Humph, take action right now!"

Darren's jaw clenched after he heard his punishment.

Although he didn't know what the "exile" meant, it was obviously a punishment. He hadn't done anything wrong, why should he be punished?


Darren raised his hands, releasing a wave of blade and sword intents.

"What are you doing? How dare you defy me openly? Since that's the case, one hundred more years for you!"

Darren's face was cold. He took out his sword and rushed out of the palace.

Donald's expressions hardened. "Catch him!"

"Yes, sir!"

Ten golden-armored law enforcers' eyes lit up at the same time, and they rushed after Darren.


A long spear flashed in front of Darren, and he stopped in his tracks.

Darren's back broke into a cold sweat. The aura attached to the spear was too strong to resist.

His stunned face was apparent, and two golden-armored law enforcers saw an opportunity. By the time Darren decided to move, the law enforcers had twisted his arm behind his back.

Darren, marched by the golden-armored law enforcers, could not resist at all.

He was easily suppressed by the inferior holy warriors.

Darren was marched all the way to a place fu

p by people from other forces. Donald had to do something to protect them.

The door had already been closed from where Darren was thrown into the clouds. He remained in daze for a while and still wondered why Donald was forcing him to go through such tribulations. When Darren recovered, he stood up and scanned the area, only to have his forehead creased. Was he in a wilderness?

This cloud was actually like a transmission array, but the transmission location was very special. This vast territory was actually a huge prison.

This place was especially used to imprison evil men. After thousands of years, no less than ten million of them were confined here. After generations, it became a small world.

The current world in front of Darren had the presence of both vicious and honest men equally.

Darren's mouth twisted, and a frown found its way to his face. Why was Lord Donald so apt in sending him to this godforsaken place without thinking twice?

What kind of punishment was it?

Just as Darren was about to give up his last straw of hope, something caught his eyes. He squinted his eyes to scan it for a while. When the realization dawned on him, his mouth fell open. "What is this? An extraordinary magic herb?"

Right before him, he could see wild ginseng with an abundant spiritual energy that waved back and forth because of wind.

"It must have lived for at least fifty thousand years!" Darren picked the ginseng and found that the spiritual energy it contained was ten times more than that of an ordinary magic herb.

'Unfortunately, it's useless for me to absorb its energy.' His face contorted at the thought. Darren put it away. Perhaps, it could become an exciting gift for someone.

He took a few steps ahead only to halt suddenly. Darren took a step back, and his hand made its way toward his wide-open mouth. Apparently, ginseng was nothing compared to what was before his eyes.

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