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   Chapter 590 Who Is Guilty (Part Two)

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Soon enough, just as they wrapped up with their conversation, two figures came towards them from the other end of the palace.

Darren followed the golden-armored law enforcer and stopped in front of Lord Donald. The law enforcer then remained silent in an empty seat at the left side of the palace, and even his breath was concealed.

At that very moment, there were ten law enforcers in golden armors on both sides of the palace.

These ten law enforcers were the best warriors, and each had the combat power of an inferior holy warrior. Thus, it was not hard to imagine how powerful the Sacred Palace was.

"Darren, will you plead guilty?"

The voice of the middle-aged man spread all over the palace while his eyes were closed.


Surprised at the question, Darren made a high-pitched tone query.

According to the law enforcer who led Darren to the Sacred Palace, the lord would apologize to him. What was with the sudden change of the plan? How could he be so angry and even ask if Darren would plead guilty?!

"My Lord, may I know what I'm guilty of?" taking a step forward, Darren said calmly, standing straight.

"How dare you!" the old man on the side berated furiously. After a pause, he continued, "Your attitude was so arrogant even when you are in the presence of our leader. You should kneel and make a salute, but you didn't. Being so disrespectful is your first guilt!"

Darren's eyes swept over the old man after he heard that. It was not until he saw the old man's face that he realized that it was this conceited old man who thought he was superior to others.

"Why do you have to be so unreasonable? Let me ask you, why should I kneel when I'm not from the Sacred Palace? I addres

Shouldn't I resist? Since you think Eddy is influential and can't be killed, you still can send the law enforcers to prevent him from killing innocent people, right?

But, you didn't send out a few weak law enforcers to help us until Lawrence fought to the death to protect us. You were trying to wait for the moment that my sister was devoured by Eddy so that he can become stronger and kill us all!"

as if hitting a bull's eye, Darren snapped. He had seen through every plot in the incident.

Indeed, if the Sacred Palace had sent a strong law enforcer to suppress Eddy, then he would have been subdued a long time ago. Consequently, he would never have had the chance to seal the space passage.

Besides, from what the law enforcer who came to rescue them had said to Darren, it was clear that the Sacred Palace didn't care about Darren's life at all. They only cared whether Eddy's will was satisfied!

"Ha ha ha! What a talkative brat! Do you think that after you have talked so much nonsense, you can avoid your punishment? If that is the case, you are just too naive!" the old man who had been silent for a long time sneered coldly.

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