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   Chapter 589 Who Is Guilty (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-05 00:02

Resembling a puzzle with a missing piece, Darren's question baffled the law enforcer in golden armor as well.

After searching the back of his mind for answers, he replied, "I don't know either, because nobody in the whole Sacred Palace knows where the Upper Spiritual World is."

"Well... It's so strange," Darren murmured.

"You used to live in the Bottom Spiritual World, and the setup there was too limited. Unlike your old world, there are many strange things and setups in this real Lothlann Continent. You can try to find about the place and see for yourself later," the law enforcer suggested.

After that, the law enforcer shifted his gaze from Darren towards the far horizon. As his eyes narrowed to a point across the vast land that stretched before them, he instructed Darren to speed up.

After flying for what seemed like an eternity, they finally arrived at a palace which was a hundred thousand feet tall—unbelievably strange yet surreal.

In front of the palace, while he followed with his eyes the pinnacle of the towering palace, Darren felt himself just much smaller than a tiny ant. It even reached to the point that he felt tiny as a grain of dust—almost negligible and close to nothing.

Aside from the unique feature of the palace, the ancient glorious aura that was exuding from it filled Darren with great respect and reverence towards the place.

"Hoo, no wonder it is called the Sacred Palace. It is way more magnificent than any other palaces I've ever seen," Darren praised, with his mouth gaped open.

"Let's get inside now. We can talk about this after we meet Lord Donald," the law enforcer urged Darren, breaking him out of his wondering and amazement.

Inside the palace, e

hod that Hiram the Great left to us just because of him. And I know that you know, the witchers can suppress the fiend's body parts for another five hundred years at most. By then, how can our human race fight against the fiend before a holy emperor is born? In my opinion, we were forced to use the weapon and skill that Hiram the Great had left for us. It was a great crime that Darren had committed!"

the old man said sternly, stressing out that Darren needed to be punished. Anyway, that was what he wanted from the start.

Hearing the old man's stern tone, Donald slowly nodded his head and said, "You are right. I will scold him for a while when he comes."


The old man wanted to say something more, but Donald stopped him. His raised hand was enough for the old man to understand that he was already fed up about the issue. Thus, he kept his silence and didn't delve in deeper lest the punishment meant for Darren might end up as a punishment for him.

'Just scold him for a while?' the old man thought silently. It was apparent that he was not satisfied with the lord's discretion, but he didn't dare to say anything more.

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