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   Chapter 588 Resolving The Confusion

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A blade and sword intent vortex emanated from Darren's body.

"Wow, this guy is so powerful."

The law enforcers were shocked.

As a sever-star grand warrior, of course they could sense Darren's blade and sword intent level. It was almost at the extreme blade and sword intent level.

"You take him down,"

the leader of the law enforcers ordered.

Since it was clear they feared Darren, they'd sent ten seven-star law enforcers to attack him.

"Young man, I advise you not to resist, or you will be seriously punished!"

"You want to arrest me without a reason? I have no crime. Why will I plead guilty? What kind of law enforcers are you? Even pigs are better than you!"

Darren was very angry. He'd worked so hard, but in the end he'd been labelled as a deserter.

"You are a little loser! Kill him!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ten fiery red spears were thrust at Darren one after the other.

Darren activated the Teleportation Skill to fly up in the air and waved his blade and sword to counter the coming spears.


His attack broke three spears.

"His blade and sword are the divine weapons!"

The law enforcers' spears, which were made of top-level materials and infused with runes of rule cultivators, were extremely hard. Despite that, those spears were all cut off by Darren. That proved how divine his weapons were.

Whenever a law enforcer lost his spear, he retreated, and then three more came to their aid.

Anger surged through Darren, making him unleash the Blade and Sword Domain.

"The domain skill?"

When the ten law enforcers saw Darren use his domain, they also used theirs. Their domains were equal to that of seven-star level grand warriors, which weren't inferior to Darren's Blade and Sword Domain.

So Darren's domain was completely suppressed by the ten law enforcers' domains.


Darren had no choice but to release a dark gold internal force, stirring up a strong storm, and attacked the ten law enforcers.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even if they used their domains at the same time, their figures would still be blown away by a few hundred feet.

"The power of his Blade and Sword Domain is really extraordinary.

I'm afraid only our leader can be an opponent to him."

The law enforcers were shocked, sensing the great power of the dark gold internal force.

They were referring to the leader of the hundreds of law enforcers here. He possessed the power of a top level seven-star grand warrior.

Although other law enforcers were a little weaker, their powers were close to that of a top level seven-star grand warrior. So they were confident that they could fight Darren together.

An hour passed where Darren managed to injure a dozen law enforcers. However, when the third group of law enforcers unleashed their attack, Darren was at a disadvantage.

"Your combat skills are amazingly effective. But you hurt ten of my elites. For that, I will get you!"

Then one of the law enforcers whose aura was even stronger than that of Darren shot into the center of the battlefield.

had torn the first fiend ancestor into pieces in the middle of the continent. At that time, both Hiram the Great and the witcher ancestor were on the verge of death. At the last moment, they hurriedly sank that piece of land to make it into the Bottom Spiritual World. However, they couldn't transfer the forbidden areas out of it as it had been blocked by the witcher. Therefore, the forbidden areas had always been part of the Bottom Spiritual World.

The Bottom Spiritual World has been its own world since then, hiding an important method from Hiram the Great. If three-star and higher grand warriors stayed in the Bottom Spiritual World, it would have been very easy to destroy it. Therefore, the three-star and higher grand warriors were not allowed to stay in the Bottom Spiritual World. If we made Hiram the Great's method go to waste, we would be sinners.

That's why we can only send appropriate law enforcers to the Bottom Spiritual World with Lord Donald's permission. We must leave here immediately after our mission ends and none of us are allowed to stay."

After listening to his explanation, Darren understood their reasoning.

The Bottom Spiritual World was a resource left for the descendants of the humans before the death of Hiram the Great and the witcher ancestor. Because of the unstable space, the existence of the three-star and higher grand warriors in the Bottom Spiritual World was prohibited.

Once someone exceeded the peak of three-star Grand Realm, he or she would be recruited into the Medium Spiritual World.

It was commonly known that before the Bottom Spiritual World had been upgraded, it would collapse under the full attack of a four-star grand warrior, let alone a five-star and higher masters.

"Well I more of less understand all of this. But there is one thing I don't understand. As far as I know, the Lothlann Continent is divided into three parts: the Bottom Spiritual World, the Medium Spiritual World and the Upper Spiritual World. So where's the Upper Spiritual World?" Darren asked.

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