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   Chapter 587 Arresting Darren

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When the two worlds trembled, a huge black vortex appeared in the middle.

The sky shook when a terrifying world power shone from the black vortex.

This was the reason why Hiram the Great and the witcher ancestor had divided the Lothlann Continent into three worlds. The re-merging of the worlds would produce an enormous force.

Previously, this force had been used to deal with the first fiend ancestor's complete body. Now, it was needed again.

The Bottom Spiritual World was so dark that the sun, the moon, and the stars seemed to have disappeared.

On the dark ground, the bloody fiend released an evil aura as it levitated in the air.

The creature raised his head when he felt that the mighty force released from the black hole would tear him apart.

This was just the precursor of what awaited him.

At this time, inside the Red Inferno Sect's dungeon, Eddy continued working his rule power.

His rule power was already at its peak.

Every rune that he drew was destructive.

"No! I don't want to do this!"

He struggled, but the Rule Force in his soul was so strong that he couldn't disobey it.

Eddy had no choice but to complete the task.

Darren stood still. When he sensed the terrifying primitive power between heaven and earth, he did not dare to move.


After a while, the rule power completely controlled Eddy.

He exerted all his strength to activate the legendary skill. If seen from the depth of the void, the Bottom Spiritual World looked like a small stone flying toward the black hole in the center of the land.

And when the Bottom Spiritual World was embedded in the black hole, the power of the worlds' fusion burst forth.

A cyan halberd was condensed from the gap in the fusion.

Tremendous fear coursed through countless creatures as they glanced at the cyan halberd.

In the Medium Spiritual World, in the eighteen cities surrounding the continent hundreds of millions of kilometers away, influential figures stared at the sky before bowing respectfully before the halberd.

"Hiram the Great's battle halberd has been released. It seems that the first fiend ancestor has resurfaced."

"How did the battle halberd come out so early? There's no holy emperor in the eighteen cities yet. Without the protection of Hiram the Great's battle halberd, our years of efforts would be in vain."

"That's right. As junior holy warriors, even we can't leave this city. Once the first f

is at least a seven-star grand warrior at the top level." Darren was shocked.

Then Darren saw countless men with spears in their hands.

Darren recognized them when he saw their purple armor. They were the law enforcers of the Sacred Palace!


Darren gasped.

Hundreds of people who had surrounded Darren were emitting the aura of a seven-star grand warrior, and none of them was weaker than the martial artist in the purple armor that Darren had first seen.

It was just too shocking. When was the last time anyone had seen any of the seven-star grand warriors?

"I'm Darren, and I am here to check on the status of the fiend." Darren immediately saluted.

"It's you! Arrest him!"

one of the law enforcers commanded. When he heard Darren's name, his face darkened. He then released his powerful force upon Darren.

"What? Why would you want to arrest me?"

Darren was puzzled. He had been trying his best to stop the fiend. Although he had not eliminated the fiend himself, he still deserved some credit. Why would they want to arrest him as soon as they met?

"You did not obey our lord's order and escaped. For that, you will receive severe punishment. Return with us and we just might show you some mercy."

"I ran away? Ha-ha. This must be a joke!"

Darren sneered. If he had listened to their so-called lord and had not left to find Eddy, he would have died. The blood fiend would have occupied the world, and all the creatures would have probably been killed as well.

"I'm sorry, but I won't do what you have asked!" Darren shouted seconds before his blade and sword intent hummed to life.

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