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   Chapter 586 Crazy Eddy

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Streams of burning Witcher Power emitted from their bodies and formed a net that covered the bloody fiend.

The bloody fiend roared ferociously. With each roar, several mountains collapsed, and a few witchers fell from the sky.

"Twelve Star Witchers. Let's suppress this bloody fiend!"

Twelve powerful witchers flew out of the forbidden area of the Dragon Holy Land.

When the blood-essence mutant first entered the forbidden area, they chose to stay hidden and did not stop his advance.

They knew that once the blood-essence mutant stepped into the forbidden area, his blood energy would be assimilated by the first fiend ancestor, which would give him additional power. And this process could not be stopped.

Thus, the twelve powerful witchers chose to avoid the fiend when he was at his strongest in case they were slaughtered one by one. By remaining safely hidden, they could bide time till when it was right to strike the creature.

At this time, they stepped out of hiding and burned their Witcher Power to trap the bloody fiend.

The bloody fiend's claws continued to smash the net. The ordinary witchers were either burned or killed by the shockwaves from his attacks.

Witchers were limited in their abilities as they mainly served as an auxiliary function. Consequently, they were not very powerful. Hence, none of the witchers could kill the bloody fiend singlehandedly. As a result, after so many years, they could only suppress him in the forbidden area instead of killing him.

"Mister Honor, we can only trap it for six hours."

"Then give me everything you got! Let's hold him back for as long as possible!"

Once the order was given, twelve strong witchers removed their black robes in unison, revealing their bark-like dry skin.

They closed their eyes and clutched each other's withered hands. Soon a raging green flame spread across their bodies.

The bloody fiend, enveloped in the green net, remained motionless to save energy as he waited for his moment.

Meanwhile, Darren finally broke through the prison cell where Eddy was held.

"Aha, I didn't expect that you would release me."

Eddy rushed forward. Anger reflected in his expression.

"Why don't you use your skill to suppress the bloody fiend?" Darren felt as though something was wrong.

"Humph, I understand that I have to stop the bloody fiend, but before that, I need to kill you!" Eddy's rage had driven him crazy. He had been suppressed for several years, and he had convinced himself that it had been Darren's fault. Had it not been for Darren, Eddy would have become an overlord credited with unifying the Bottom Spiritual World.

"Do you think that you can defeat me with your pathetic s

e Witcher Power loosened. Blood light flashed in the blood fiend's eyes as he began to move.

With a simple swipe of his hand, the creature destroyed the net. Soon, the twelve witchers vanished into thin air.

He stepped forward as if enjoying this freedom.


A huge black sword shot toward him.

Unfortunately, it was turned into dust when it was a thousand feet from his body.

Next, before a giant ape's fist landed on him, he annihilated the ape.

Then a human figure with blood flames all over his body exploded about ten miles away from the fiend.

The creature was so powerful that even a seven-star grand warrior couldn't get close to him. How could anyone stop him?

The sky became overcast, and the ground trembled.

It looked like doomsday.

The middle-aged man in the golden robe in the Medium Spiritual World continually attacked the space. However, his palm had turned bloody because of his constant attacks.

The spears of the ten powerful law enforcers broke over and over again, but they didn't give up and continued with their attacks.

However, at this time, the blood fiend had arrived at another forbidden area.

Even if he had reacquired a part of his body, he would be unstoppable and more than powerful enough to kill the middle-aged man in the golden robe and the ten prominent law enforcers.


All of a sudden, the whole ground began to reverberate like bees.

The sun, the moon, and the stars appeared in the sky before they began to fall to the ground. At the same time, a huge black hole appeared in the middle of the Medium Spiritual World. It seemed as though the huge black hole was absorbing something.


The middle-aged man in golden robe stopped as tears of joy flowed down his cheeks.

"The worlds are now merging."

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