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   Chapter 585 Did Darren Run Away

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"Ha-ha, my real body, the first fiend ancestor, is finally out. You will all die now."

The blood-essence mutant's avatar laughed wickedly.

From the moment he was born, he'd been looking forward to the arrival of his real body.

Darren's clothes fluttered in the wind, his eyes shining with determination.

"Even if you're a mere avatar, you should have been torn apart!"

Darren didn't show mercy. His Blade and Sword Domain covered the blood-essence mutant's avatar.

"Kill me if you want!"

The blood-essence mutant's avatar was oddly excited.

But then he exploded into a mist of blood as the sword went through him.

"All of you, go and stop the fiend right now. Stop him even if it's at the cost of your lives!"

The command came from an imposing voice in the sky.

"As you command."

The three martial artists of the Ancient Families bowed towards the sky and flew towards the Dragon Holy Land.

"Darren, hurry up! We may be able to stop him with the Soul Exploding Rune and the Killing Elixir." The voice came from the sky again.

"What's the point? All this will do is add to his extensive headcount."

Ignoring the order, Darren flew to the east with the wounded Scott.

"Damn it! That prick just ran away! He ran away!"

The anxiety was written all over the face in the sky.

In the Sacred Palace of the Medium Spiritual World, the desolate air was filled with desperation.

Many martial artists who exuded a strong aura stood on both sides of the hall in silence.

"That brat has ignored my orders and ran away. I've misjudged him!"

A middle-aged man in a golden robe stood at the end of the hall, his face twisted in anger.

Considering how dire the situation was, Darren should have been fighting to the death right now.

"Ha-ha, that boy doesn't have backbone, yet you've treated him as a genius and a lifesaver. Do you finally see his true nature?"

This came from the old man who'd visited Darren before. He still held a grudge against Darren ever since he was scolded by the middle-aged man.

"Where are my top ten law enforcers?"


Ten martial artists dressed in light golden robes with spears in their hands stood up after being summoned.

They happened to be the strongest martial artists here, and every one of them was an inferior holy warrior—a warrior at the inferior stage of the Holy Realm.

"Work with me! Let's shatter the space and kill the fiend ancestor!"

the middle-aged man in a golden robe shouted and took the lead in flying out of the palace

uppress the fiend.

Darren's powerful attacks were slowly breaking through the gate.

In the Dragon Holy Land

The blood red figure stared at the black-armored young man who was kneeling on the ground.

"Come home."

The words were so softly spoken that they almost sounded hesitant.

"No, no!"

the young man shouted madly, then sprang up from the ground and kept backing up.

But the blood red figure reached out his hand, and a strong demonic power rushed towards the young man.


Screams pierced through the air and into the distance.

The black-armored young man's body melted away and transformed into a pure demonic internal force that flew towards the figure.

A few seconds later, the young man vanished as if he'd never existed.

A howl of triumph was released from the figure as his aura got stronger with the surge of power he'd absorbed.

He looked in the direction of the Holy Lands.

Right then, all the forbidden areas of the other seven Holy Lands began to roar as if strong demonic power was about to erupt.

The blood red figure soared into the sky in a flash.

However, many strange runes suddenly appeared and blocked his way.

After crashing into the wall of runes created, he was surprised to find himself being pushed back several feet away.

Figures in black robes appeared in the air, their eyes glowing with a green light.


He hit the wall of runes with his huge hand and the wall immediately broke into pieces.

The witchers took this chance and began to cast a spell on him.

Their withered bodies were burning with green flames. The auras of life and death were constantly interspersing with one another.

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