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   Chapter 584 Escape (Part Two)

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Hell-for-leather, the blood-essence mutant half knelt in front of Darren. He looked up at him in horror, unable to believe that Darren thwarted him at once.

"Human, you are so powerful," the blood-essence mutant hollered.

"No, you are too weak,"

Darren replied calmly, looking down at the frustrated mutant.

Though it seemed to be that Darren was sardonic, he was, in fact, not mocking the blood-essence mutant. In all truths, Darren felt that the mutant was weaker than he thought.

Even when Darren had just reached the Grand Realm, he would be able to defeat him.

In other words, as far as his skills in combat were concerned, the blood-essence mutant was just as powerful as a seven-star grand warrior at the beginning level. Specifically, the mutant couldn't even reach the middle level of a seven-star.

"Weak? You think I am a weakling, huh? Then let me show you how strong I am!"

the blood-essence mutant roared, and the demonic internal force on the surface of his body exploded. The power resisted Darren's blade and sword intents that were looming around him.

"He does make some improvement, but it's still too weak!" At the sight of the mutant's show of power, Darren shook his head. He could tell something was not right.


Despite the weakness and frailty he could sense on the mutant, Darren did not pay attention to that strange feeling. Ironically, he activated his dark gold internal force and threw a lethal strike at the mutant.

"Haha! Come and kill me!"

Peculiar to what Darren had expected, the blood-essence mutant laughed crazily as he resisted Darren's dark gold internal force. The mutant seemed very happy.

"Darren, go to Dragon Sect. Hurry up!"

Suddenly, out of the blue, a face appeared in the sky. The face sh

ade a mistake, couldn't help himself from turning pale and sweaty.

"There are no conflicts between us. Just let me live. Let me live,"

begged the young man in black while joining his hands in a praying-like gesture.

In the Void Holy Land

"I am the leader of the Sacred Palace. Darren, can you hold on for another day? We will gather all the power and break through the space to come and face that fiend."

At this moment, another face appeared in the sky and addressed Darren.

Anxiety was written all over that face, but the superiority in his aura made Darren want to give in.

Darren knew without hesitation that the man was a warrior of the Holy Realm.

"No, I can't,"

Darren replied shortly, on the spur of the moment.

Weighing things out, Darren knew that diabolical aura from the fiend was no weaker than the aura from the leader of the Sacred Palace. There was no way Darren could resist the fiend at all.

This was just the escape of one arm of the fiend's first ancestor. Its next goal was undoubtedly the other seven forbidden areas. Once the eight pieces went into one, even the person who became the holy emperor would have no choice but to die.

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