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   Chapter 583 Escape (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-02 02:27

Time seemed to stop ticking, everything froze at the moment, and Darren did not care about the blood-essence mutant. Instead, he hurried to Scott, who was almost breathing his last on the brink of death.

While he held on to his head, Darren fed Scott with several pills and activated all of his spiritual energy to help him heal from the injuries that he had sustained.

After a while, thanks to Darren's pills and spiritual energy, although Scott was not fully recovered, he was free from danger. After making sure that Scott was stable and secured, Darren flew to the three compelling martial artists of the Ancient Families and gave them a lot of healing pills, letting them heal themselves too.

"Thank you so much, sirs. If it weren't for you, I would have been too late," Darren said sincerely.

In fact, Darren knew everything that was happening in the forbidden area although his real body was inside the Starry Tower all this time. When he saw that the blood-essence mutant was about to break through the restriction of the forbidden area, he was also anxious and shaken. Yet, he was caught between two pressing rocks for his master's avatar was still trying to remove the cross mark for him. Because of that, he was not allowed to go, lest he endangered his life and everyone that surrounded him. Thus, he was left with no choice but to wait until his master's avatar was done with extinguishing the cross mark.

It was lucky for Darren that the three masters from the Ancient Families had helped him to hold the mutant at bay for three days. They had bought him some time and had succeeded in delaying the mutant from reaching the forbidden area, and Darren was grateful to them.

"It's fine. Killing these mutants is also our mission while we are in the Bottom Spiritual World," one of the masters said.

Darren nodded lightly and gave them a


"Ah! It is a return to the original nature!"

The two masters suddenly made sense of Darren's attack under the guidance of the other master, who could transform himself into a giant sword.

"Look at that move! It looked like he was cutting wood with the sword. Yet, if that sword lands on us, we won't be able to resist. We will just turn into ashes in no time!"

"You're right. This is one extremely perfect and devastating attack."

Awestruck and held in bafflement, the three masters on the ground couldn't describe Darren's excellence with words.

He was so young, but he had the power which was equal to a seven-star grand warrior. It was incredible that a cultivator of both sword cultivation and blade cultivation could be that close to the extreme. What a terrifying warrior he was.

The masters could hardly imagine how powerful Darren would be the moment he advanced into the seven-star Grand Realm or even the Holy Realm one day.

And what if he would be lucky enough to enter the Emperor Realm as well? How earth-shaking would it be? How dominating and compelling would he be?

In the thick of all the masters' thoughts about Darren, an arm covered with black scales fell to the ground with a thunderous thud.

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