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   Chapter 582 Return Of Darren's Real Body

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A long lost familiar face appeared in front of Darren.

Unlike in his memory, that face was now full of infinite evil and hatred.


Darren whispered. He'd never expected Bruce to be the blood-essence mutant.

But when Bruce looked at Darren, he was expressionless. He attacked him with no mercy in his eyes.

The majestic demonic internal force tore out many ferocious space cracks.

Using the Teleportation Skill, Darren dodged the attack. But when he reappeared, the powerful demonic internal force was still aiming at him.

Darren activated both his olive-black force and dark gold internal force.

However, the gap between those two forces and the demonic internal one was too big. They were annihilated in an instant.


A thousands of feet long figure fell across the sky like a shooting star.

It was Scott, who was paying close attention to the direction of the attack and headed into the face of the fire to spare Darren.

His dragon body was badly mangled by the attack and the scales were crushed into pieces.

"Scott!" Darren was heartbroken. He couldn't even catch the falling body because his was locked by the blood-essence mutant.

The blood-essence mutant was so strong. A seven-star top level was one Darren and Scott couldn't contend with.

"You are weak."

The blood-essence mutant sneered as he spoke in the human tongue.

"Bruce! If you still remember your past, you should stop now!"

Darren urged him with gritted teeth in a loud voice, his eyes red with rage.

"Human, the owner of this body has been assimilated by me. Your words are useless.

Actually, you're part of the reason for this. If you hadn't channeled the purest fiendish power into this body, I would never have had the chance to come back to life."

The blood-essence mutant had read Bruce's memory and learned what had happened between Darren and Bruce.

'No wonder...'

Darren understood now.

The demonic internal force he'd transferred to Bruce had purified his fiend blood, which gave that drop of blood essence of the fiend's first ancestor a chance to come back to life.

"Thanks to you humans expelling this body's owner to the mutant clan, I got to have this body. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the chance to come back to life, ha-ha."

The blood-essence mutant emitted a sinister aura. It had been a supreme blessing to him.

Darren then understood why he couldn't find Bruce after he'd returned from the Raksa Sea. It tur

t join the battle at all, so he was extremely anxious.

Seeing the three fighting warriors, Darren felt sorry for them.

This moment was very dangerous, however, he could do nothing to help. This powerless feeling was very painful.

"Go to hell, all of you!"

Although the blood-essence mutant was also injured, his fighting power was still superior to those of the three.


The black giant sword was beaten into the ground.


The giant ape's body was pierced through.

"It's your turn."

The ferocious blood-essence mutant rushed to the skeleton with blood flames.


The whole world suddenly fell silent.

A piercingly cold wind swept over this broken land, bringing a crisp ringing.

The claw of the mutant that was about to tear the skeleton stopped.

Fear filled the mutant as he raised his head and bared his sharp teeth.

"Sword. It is the sound of a sword. And the light groan of a blade.

I'm coming! My real body is here!"

Raising his head, Darren's avatar looked up to the sky with tear-filled eyes.

"You've done a great job. Thank you so much, my avatar."

Darren's avatar disappeared, and another peerless Darren appeared in the sky—the real Darren!

"Bruce, my old friend," Darren whispered.

His robe fluttered in the wind as he looked at the strange yet familiar face.

Sensing this new Darren, the blood-essence mutant seemed to be frozen for a moment before he moved backward step by step.

On the ground, the three broken bodies crawled together and sobbed.

"I never expected this young man could be so peerless now."

They looked up at the figure in absolute shock.

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