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   Chapter 581 Crisis Of The Forbidden Areas (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-02 00:12

His dilated pupils stared at the sky for a long time, and the corner of his lips went higher.

"I am coming for you, my real body!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Inside the hall, deafening cries came through and pierced the depths of the sky and mountain.

Green flames were kindled in the eyes of a withered man in black robes.

"His descendant is coming."

A witcher's dry hand trembled.

"Go and report to master."

The deep and cold voice entered in the ears of the witchers assembled in the hall. The group of witchers in black robes looked at each other and flew into the deepest cave.

In the middle of the cave, the blood pool kept rolling. A blood-red hand was continually scratching to try and break through the restriction.

Twelve powerful witchers stood around the pool and started unleashing their Witcher Power. They were trying to suppress it with all their might.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

The bloody hand sensed the bloodline force outside and started shaking in excitement.

Those twelve strong witchers seemed to be exhausted. Some of them were forced back because of the extreme flow of energy, but they continued to suppress it. Sweat beads started forming, and the bones of their hands felt like melting. They could barely contain it.

At this time, the group of people in black robes also released their Witcher Power to help. The furrowed eyebrows of several witchers released. They were soon able to take constant breaths without feeling pressure on every part of their bodies. The extra energy seemed to send a wave of relief into the witchers' hearts. With their combined efforts, they nearly suppressed the blood hand.

"What is coming?" After the episode, a powerful witcher started taking long breaths. His voice was dry and trembling.

"It's his direct descendant."

"No, it's his real body's blood."

The assembled witchers carefully checked the aura outside. Soon, the realization dawned in their hearts, and they trem

to the air.

The blood-essence mutant stared at his opponent, and blood rushed on his face.

He gripped his fist tight as he roared at Scott with his red eyes.


Someone released a strong dark gold internal force that attacked the blood-essence mutant. Dust rose in the air, and they heard a chilling voice of blast.

Bang! Bang!

The blood-essence mutant dodged the blast and gritted his teeth as he prepared himself for the attack. His dark eyes flashed, and a blackish fog started to emit from his body. Layers of demonic internal force emerged from his skin. He looked at Darren with his cold eyes as the force began penetrating the dark gold internal force.

There certainly was a massive gap between the strength of the two sides.

The blood-essence mutant's aura was darker than anything Darren had ever seen. Darren was sure that the mutant had the power of a seven-star grand warrior, at the top level.

The blood-essence mutant's face turned red with anger, and throbbing veins popped in his neck. He coldly looked at Darren and rushed at him in a flash.

When Darren's eyes landed on that ferocious face, he froze on the spot. His mouth hung open.

"How could it be you? How could it..." Darren's mouth twisted as he mumbled to himself. He just could not believe it.

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