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   Chapter 580 Crisis Of The Forbidden Areas (Part One)

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Back in the demonic monster domain, a battle was brewing. A bad stench was mixed with dusty air all over the place.

Darren and the young man in black armor landed just a moment later.

"Show yourself!"

The young man in black armor snorted. His eyes stared coldly at the mountain for a long time.


He swooped in and continued to bomb the entrance of the Fire Cave with his power.

"Help me."

The young man in black armor's voice sounded high pitched as he looked at Darren hastily.

"Let's do it together!" Darren shouted at Scott.

Darren had been unleashing the olive-black force to surround the young man and Scott, in order not to trigger the innate hatred in their bloodlines. His hands raised to wipe the tickling sweat beads from his forehead. Even though he was exhausted, he forced himself to take this step to stop them from consuming each other with hatred.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three of them attacked simultaneously. Yellow runes flashed out from the mountain as their power struck it, and debris was sent flying in all directions.

When everything settled down, three pairs of eyes impatiently stared at the scene. Darren continued tapping his feet subconsciously. He expected that the blockade on the mountain would loosen up. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. His eyes widened at the scene laid down in front of him.

"Something is not right. The three of us are joining forces together, and we still could not open the Fire Cave. The blood-essence mutant!" He looked at the young man in black armor. "How did he enter?" Darren pressed his lips in annoyance. He closed his eyes and racked his brain for answers.

The strength of the blood-essence mutant was a little weaker than that of the young man with black armor. If the blood-essence mutant had entered through the Fire Cave gate, it wouldn't be impossible for the three of them to open the door the second time. Perhaps he did not enter from the entrance of the Fire Cave.

The young man in black armor a

pair of pitch-black eyes stared at them. They could have sworn that it was rather an abyss instead of dark eyes. His entire body glistened brightly, and an expressionless youthful face appeared in front of them.

"Ah, it is him!"

The three-star grand warriors stilled and stared at him with wide-opened eyes. They wanted to retreat and call for help, but their feet were glued to the ground. The warriors trembled in fear.


The blood-essence mutant extended its arm and struck down like a giant hammer towards the three-star grand warriors. They didn't even get a chance to scream when their heads were smashed into three piles of flesh.

A slight close-lipped smile appeared on his face that made him look even more terrifying. The blood-essence mutant slowly walked toward the place that he had always dreamed of.

Along the way, he encountered more warriors, but he crushed all the defenders with his giant hand.

"Send a message to Darren! The blood-essence mutant has arrived!"

The three-star grand warrior that remained hidden immediately activated the contact bead.

As soon as the transmission was completed, a grim black smoke enveloped the entire Void Holy Land. It turned all the humans into piles of blood and flesh.

In front of the ancient palace, the blood-essence mutant raised his head to look up.

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