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   Chapter 579 No Movement (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5797

Updated: 2020-02-01 00:12

"Darren, you are here."

Scott was in the middle of his meditation in the Dragon sect. He had his eyes closed and looked completely calm and serene. Yet, he felt the shift in the air, the unmistakable presence of Darren. He finally opened his eyes.

Over the past few years, he had kept on practicing and enhancing his strength. He made sure to train all the time. Now, his aura of dragon blood was a much stronger force than before.

"Well, the blood-essence mutant is always just on the horizon. It's useless for us to wait here like this. Everyone will eventually let their guards down. Maybe not now, maybe after ten years or even a hundred years. Whenever it will happen, the mutant will have been waiting for this opportunity," Darren said helplessly, feeling a sense of desperation clouding his thinking.

"That's true. If the mutant keeps going like this, he will eventually find his chance to invade.

I have thought about it for a while now. Let me go out and search everywhere. I am quite sensitive to the fiend blood. As long as I'm within one thousand miles, I am highly likely to sense it," Scott said in a serious voice. He had obviously been thinking about this issue for some time now.

"If you follow this plan, you will be in danger. If that mutant ambushes you from the dark..."

Darren did not dare say it out loud, but the meaning behind his words was clear. There was no doubt that if it came to this, if the blood-essence mutant really ambushed Scott, he could be killed in a mere second.

But Darren was different. Once Darren detected that mutant, the black-armored young man could also sense the presence of the blood-essence mutant directly. With his speed, he could come over in a few seconds


"Darren, I have found the location of that mutant. It is the Fire Cave," Scott hurried to inform Darren. He wasn't sure he had time to waste.

Darren, who was sitting quietly in the Lotus Holy Land once again, suddenly opened his eyes.

Darren activated the vital essence left by the young man in black armor and immediately informed him of what was going on!


Darren jumped up and rushed towards the Fire Cave at a high speed.

On an uninhabited island, the young man in black armor flew at the speed of thousands of miles per second, in trace of Darren's aura.

However, when Darren and his companions rushed toward the Fire Cave with all their might, a short, stooped old man raised his head and, upon seeing them, laughed in a menacing way.

In the next moment, he seemed to have chosen a different direction and disappeared from the spot he had occupied just a moment before. In a few seconds, his figure appeared in the Void Holy Land that was thousands of miles away.

"They're fooled," the stooped, old man spoke in an icy tone. His face was set in a hard line and his eyes were suddenly filled with cruelty.

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