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   Chapter 578 No Movement (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-01 00:02

Darren looked the wrinkled, old man up and down with an intense stare. He was slowly sizing him up.

"What are you looking at? You obviously don't know me. Hand over my stuff now," the old man said with a smile, his voice soft and yet demanding.

"What stuff are you talking about?"

Darren straightened up, still pinning him down with his stare. In reality, Darren wasn't oblivious to who was standing in front of him. He knew that this old man was the one who had been guarding the Lotus Holy Land all this time.

"Don't play dumb with me. I slapped you before. If you do not give it to me immediately, even if you are strong now, I will slap you again. Give it to me now," the old man said. Even though he was threatening Darren, it was easy to not get this impression, as he spoke with a calming voice.

In fact, Darren now realized that the old man's threats and demands weren't a sign of confidence, but rather a cover for his fear of death.

Obviously, he had been informed by his superior that Darren could deliver a Soul Exploding Rune along with the Killing Elixir.

If he were to use either one of those two objects, it would result in certain death. Just as he was thinking this, the wind picked up a bit and made his clothes flutter. The breeze carried a sense of foreboding with it.

"Sir, I won't give you these two things. No one will be happy if you die like this. You can quit putting on that smile of yours." Darren, despite the harshness of his voice, felt a touch of sadness in his heart. He truly did not want this to end badly.

"Ha-ha." The old man flashed a wry smile. "Give them to me. No one is afraid around here. I did not receive any direct orders from the top. This is my own choice."

The tr

t. He ran his hands through his hair more often without even realizing he was doing it.

"What if that mutant never shows up?"

The fiend's first ancestor had been suppressed in the forbidden areas for hundreds of thousands of years now, and it could certainly wait a few more decades. That was no issue for it.

The blood-essence mutant must have been hiding somewhere. Looming in a secret place, waiting patiently for them to let down their guards before swooping in.

Apparently that mutant was not afraid of any human being except for the young man in black armor.

And so more time passed. Days turned to nights, again, and again, and again. Before they truly realized it, three years had already passed since the incident. The whole world was now at peace.

For this reason, Darren decided to depart from the Lotus Holy Land one day. He did his usual patrol and, after finding nothing noteworthy yet again, simply left.

"It's not good to just wait here."

Convinced he wasn't getting anywhere by staying where he was, Darren flew to the Dragon Holy Land to converse with Scott. He hoped that they could come up with a solution together.

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