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   Chapter 577 Preparations

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The fiend's bloodline and the dragon's bloodline were the natural sworn enemies!

Darren had not known why, but he had generated nebula in his elixir field before just because of this mere reason.

The meeting of Scott with the young man in black armor naturally caused the innate hatred, which was even beyond their control. This explained why such a scene happened.

At that time, the situation was so intense that the fight was just another futile word to explain it. Darren was sure that if the fight broke out, Scott would definitely be the one who lost.

Darren was standing on a side and trying to get the hang of all of this. He was worried because he was not wanting them to fight, so he flew over and stood between them, trying to stop the battle.

As Darren tried to stop the fight, he started to feel heavy and weak at the same time because of the enormous pressure crushing his bones and making them creak, and he was unable to bear this burden any longer.

"Scott, please restrain yourself," Darren worriedly yelled at Scott.

Yet Scott had paid no heed to Darren's call since he was so furious and eager to get into a fight. Fear was evident in Scott's dragon eyes, but the dragon blood in his body began to boil with rage. He knew he was no match with his opponent, but still, he was ready to fight till the last breath.

The brutal aura of the young man in black armor soared to the extreme. His face was burning with violence like hell. He was ready to kill Scott with bare hands. Darren knew the consequences would be unimaginable if he made a move.

"What could I do now?" Darren asked himself.

Darren was a young and warm-blooded guy. He fought many wars with his blade and sword. But for now, it was certain that he couldn't stop them with his strength, so he started pondering about other tactics to become triumphant in this fight.

Suddenly, Darren came up with an outstanding idea that could resolve the conflict.

He drew out his blade and sword, emitting countless of olive-black force to hover between Scott and the black-armored young man.

Darren deemed that his olive-black force was made from the combination of aura of dragon blood and demonic internal force, which had reached an unprecedented state of balance. Maybe releasing this olive-black force could stop the innate hostility between the two.

"Great! It works!"

A few moments later, Darren was overjoyed.

As he felt that the confrontation aura between the two was slowly weakening.

The young man in black armor relied on Darren to find the blood-essence mutant. Scott and Darren were friends that fought many wars and had been together in many life and death situations. Therefore, both the black-armored young man and Scott certainly had no intentions to keep hating each other in their minds.

Several minutes later, the rage between them started to fade away and both of them returned to peace. Now the situation was under control, and Scott also came back in his human form.

"Phew!" Scott heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, he was scared when he confronted the young man in black armor, who was much stronger than him.

"I just failed to suppress my instinct, and I heartily apologize, Darren," Scott spoke humbly.

"It doesn't matter. As long as you are fine now." Darren was finally relieved

ow me to meet him," Darren commanded in an unperturbed tone.

"Mr. Chu has strictly directed that no one is authorized to intrude into or exit the Holy Land without sanction. Evade right now, or we will edify you a lesson." In an endeavor to threaten Darren, the two guardians extricated their power.

Darren gave an imperceptible smile upon hearing this.

Darren was happy and satisfied because this order was given by him to the three-star grand warriors. Now the guards of the Holy Land were stopping him, which meant they had done a great job.

Darren after introducing himself conveyed that he would be shielding this place on his own along with these people. "I'm Darren. I'll guard this place with you guys on my own."

As Darren was done with his speech, colossal blade and sword intents blazed by, which made the two guards' faces deadly anemic.

With blade and sword intents, he was able to freely control his horrifying aura. Who else in the world could achieve this except Darren? These at least, convinced the two guards and they believed Darren.

"We didn't expect it's you, Mr. Chu. We are sorry!" The two guards instantly knelt on the ground and kowtowed subserviently to Darren.

Darren ordered them to stand up and further added, "No one is allowed to kneel in front of me. In fact, I don't like this courtesy and favors to have simple and common greeting only."

Darren responded calmly and disappeared into thin air.

"I've met Mr. Chu!"

"We are fortunate to have met Mr. Chu. As others declared that he is indeed, so kind."

After Darren left, the two left behind got upright, being very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed that they failed to contain their excitement.

"Welcome, sir!"

Darren went straight to meet the new Holy Lord.

"You're welcome, Distinguished Holy Lord! Lord, does anything wrong happened lately?" Darren asked in a gentle tone.

"Nothing special! But there is a senior who is requesting to meet you," the novel Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land declared.

"A senior?" Darren questioned him in great astonishment.

"Ha-ha! Bloke, aren't you going to give me the reward from the Sacred Palace?" a skinny elder man said as he walked up to Darren.

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